App Downloads Will Cross 102 Billion This Year, Gartner Research Shows

App Downloads - GartnerAccording to a new research by Gartner, global App downloads will exceed 102 billion this year. 90% of these App downloads are made from Apple’s App Store on iOS, and Google’s Play Store on Android. These downloads will lead to over $26 billion in revenue from applications. Read More

Do You Really Know All About Your Friends? Find Out With Guessbook for iOS

guessbookGuessbook is a brand new App that actually tells you how much you know about your friends on Facebook. It automatically connects you via Facebook, checks for your friends and starts asking you random questions about them. Questions are all multiple choice based. Guessbook basically goes through your entire friend’s profile, timeline and more to generate completely random questions. The questions are really interesting. Read More

Android Developers Can Now Beta Test Before Pushing Out Updates

Google Beta TestingIf you are a successful Android developer, chances are that you wouldn’t want to push out an update that is unstable and might cause distress amongst your loyal user fan base. At Google I/O today, Google announced that starting today, Android developers will be able to beta test their Apps before pushing it out to the masses. Within the developer console, there will now be three tabs – “alpha testing”, “beta testing” and “product”. Read More

Save The Princess In I Need A Hero App for Android

ineedaheroI Need A Hero is a free Android based app by Mad Hat Games that feels like a new take on classics. The story line itself is a classic “save the damsel in distress” theme. The player will be a hero or knight commissioned by the king to find his daughter that is kidnapped by a dragon. The player will be going through many adventures and battles with horrible but quirky creatures like goblins, witches, and dragons. The player also goes about in the game gathering gold and crystals to purchase potions and spells to be used to heal yourself or attack your enemy. The player is aided by his trusty pageboy and his donkey and together the trio aims for fame, gold, and glory. Read More

Get The Entire Aladdin Experience In A New Way With Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp for iPad

aladdinStorybooks are all great, but the interactivity level is so less. We live in such a digital age so wouldn’t it be great to take a legendary storybook and make it so much more interactive and so much more fun at the same time? Well, Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp for iPad does exactly that. You get to read the famous story of Aladdin and his lamp, but in a whole new manner. Read More