Uber for iOS Users Can Now View Their Passenger Star Rating

Uber has announced an important change to its iOS app. The rental car app is notorious for its passenger ratings, a feature many customers still seem to be unaware of. However, Uber has now announced that it will now make the star rating data available to customers. Customers will be provided with detailed information about the star ratings they have received from their Uber drivers.

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Instagram Rolls Out An Easter Egg, Among Other New Features

Instagram is celebrating its 10th birthday by including an easter egg that will let users switch back to the original icon – or even earlier ones – without creating a shortcut for it.

It is also bringing back the photo map feature, along with new anti-bullying measures and a warning when you’re following an account that belongs to a nation-state. Read More

Registrations For Voting Through Snapchat Cross 400,000

More than 400,000 people have registered to vote through Snapchat, according to Axios.

Two weeks ago, Snapchat introduced various voting tools, including a feature that allows users to register to vote directly through the App. In 2018 as well, Snapchat had included in-app voter registration tools. It was observed that more than half of the users who registered through the service actually ended up voting. Read More

YouTube Adds Big ‘Create’ Button For Android To Prompt Users

YouTube is a primary source of all kinds of entertainment for all users, with only a fraction of users creating content through the mobile app. Google wants to encourage users to create more content, and for that they have made changes to the layout of the home page of the mobile app, emphasizing the “create” button. Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad

Apple Allows WordPress On The App Store Without In-App Purchases, Apologizes For Confusion

Amidst the series of lash-outs and lawsuits between Apple and Epic Games, Apple made another move (read: mistake). The company had asked WordPress to monetize the free App and, as rumors had had it, the latter had agreed to it. Apple wanted WordPress to include native payment options in the App so that it could earn its traditional 30% cut. Read More

Top 5 Apps For Reading Books

At a time when digital books have taken over the world, bibliophiles are looking for ways to get their hands on as many books as possible. E-books Apps have become their savior, especially during this unfortunate time of worldwide quarantine. It’s really important to find Apps that provide a wide variety of eBooks that cover everyone’s tastes in literature. We have handpicked Top 5 Apps For Reading Books that can be your best buddy when boredom hits you during the lockdown. Read More

LuckyCrush – A New Platform To Flirt With People Online

LuckyCrush is a new site for users to have random video chats with strangers online. It’s a way to anonymously chat and flirt for straight adult people.

On the platform, guys are matched with random girls and vice versa, through live video chat. They can either chat while speaking to each other out loud or write to each other while looking at each other on webcam. Read More