Apple Hits 45B App Downloads Milestone

App StoreApple may be in the slumps according to the stock market but Apple just updated investors earlier today of one of the company’s recent victories. According to Apple, they have surpassed 45 billion unique App downloads as of today. Apple reported reaching 40B App downloads as of January, which means there have been more than 5B downloads in less than five months. It is estimated that Apple is getting a download rate of 800 App downloads per second. Apple also said in the earnings call that as of present they have paid out approximately $9 billion to App developers. According to Apple, they are currently paying as much as $1 billion to App Developers every quarter. Read More

Choose Your Way And Reach The Destination Tactfully In Twisted Ways for iOS

twistedwaysIn Twisted Ways for iOS, your objective is to reach the end destination safely, and the only way to do that is by choosing the right blocks to jump on. Every time you jump on a block, the direction gets changed leaving you with only a few ways in which you can perform your next jump. So choose your jumps tactfully and make it to your final destination to win the game. Read More

SwipeList Is Like Clear, But Free and Less Powerful (REVIEW)

swipelistA new App called SwipeList is now available on the App Store. What’s it all about? Well, it is just another to-do App, but clearly resembles the functionalities available in Clear. With the same swipe to complete or remove tasks and the same gestures, SwipeList is a good alternative to Clear and further more free with no ads whatsoever. It’s not as powerful as Clear, but includes some high quality gestures that would help you manage your daily to-do list. Read More

Zombie Master for iOS Tries to Combine StarCraft and Gears of War (REVIEW)

zombie masterZombie Master for iOS is an action role playing game that basically put you in the very center of a zombie apocalypse. Your job is to clean out a deadly virus that is spreading across cities using strategic planning and forming a special task force to wipe out the zombies and the virus from the face of the earth. Read More