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Apple Launches “Browse by Category” In App Store

browse by category

Apple has launched a new feature on its Mac and iOS App Store, called “Browse by Category“.  ”Browse by Category” allows users to easily browse the App Store by different App collections mentioned under the category they fall in. Read More

Europe Gets Handpicked Content On App Store

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According to a report by The Guardian, Apple will now be adding even more curation by Apple editors to its App Store across Europe. They report that content categorized under productivity, photo & video, sport, music, lifestyle, health, and travel will be specially picked out for users and recommended individually or as collections. Read More

20% Of All iOS Apps Are Abandoned


According to a new Localytics study, one in every five Apps a user installs is opened just once and then abandoned or deleted. While this may seem to be bad news, especially for developers, that is not the case. It is actually an improvement from 2010 when a study concluded that 26% (more than one in four) of Apps were abandoned after a single use.
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Apple Launches ‘Soccer Fever’ On App Store

Soccer FeverThe 2014 FIFA World Cup is just around the corner and to keep the excitement up and alive, Apple has launched a new “Soccer Fever” section on the App Store. Read More

Apple Bans Apps Which Offer Incentives For Watching Video Ads

video ads

A recent move by Apple to ban Apps that offer incentives for watching video ads and sharing to social networking sites, shows how committed they are in keeping things fair in the App Store. Last year they similarly cracked down on Apps that manipulated rankings of other Apps. Free game Apps are usually affected by this ban because they use advertising as a way to monetize their game. We have encountered this kind of advertising even when playing games online through social networks (Yeah and it gets annoying when your Facebook notifications is flooded with game requests when a friend uses the sharing option on the game). Read More

iOS 7.1.1 Update Marks ‘In-App Purchases’ Against App Name In Listing In App Store


With the latest iOS 7.1.1 update, users can know if am App has an in-App purchase option even before getting into the details of the App. In the App Store all the listing pages that have App tiles like ‘Top Charts’, ‘Business’ etc., besides having the App name and price, now also very clearly state ‘In-App Purchases’ under the price box, if the App has an In-App purchase option. Read More

App Store Search Now Fixes Ranking For Spellings And Typos To Boost Discovery

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A recent change in the App Store search algorithm now ranks Apps even for spellings mistakes and typos. This change will definitely help boost up App discovery, a major concern in the App world. It is also rumored that Apple is also considering to rank Apps on the basis of positive and negative reviews. Read More

Today for iOS Is A Customizable Wake Up Alarm

Today is a recently launched App for iOS that serves as a wake up alarm. What’s different? It’s totally customizable from the bottom up. It’s very automated, so you customize the things you’d like, and it would wake you up alongside those elements presented in a structured format. Read More

WhatsApp Messenger Goes Free on the App Store

whatsappOne of the most popular mobile messaging App, WhatsApp, has just gone free on the Apple App Store. A few months (or maybe a year or more) ago, WhatsApp was offered for free, however, the developers decided to charge 99 cents for it, while the app remained free on the Google Play Store, but now it seems history has repeated itself, as they dropped the price to zero. Read More

Apple Celebrating 5 Years of App Store With Poster

App StoreApple has achieved a lot in the past five years with its remarkable App Store. The App Store has created many companies, given rise to many budding entrepreneurs and most of all, helped customers get things done. Apple is sending a poster marking all of the milestones the App Store has hit in the past five years to all leading media journalists. Read More