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App Store Search Now Fixes Ranking For Spellings And Typos To Boost Discovery

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A recent change in the App Store search algorithm now ranks Apps even for spellings mistakes and typos. This change will definitely help boost up App discovery, a major concern in the App world. It is also rumored that Apple is also considering to rank Apps on the basis of positive and negative reviews. Read More

Today for iOS Is A Customizable Wake Up Alarm

Today is a recently launched App for iOS that serves as a wake up alarm. What’s different? It’s totally customizable from the bottom up. It’s very automated, so you customize the things you’d like, and it would wake you up alongside those elements presented in a structured format. Read More

WhatsApp Messenger Goes Free on the App Store

whatsappOne of the most popular mobile messaging App, WhatsApp, has just gone free on the Apple App Store. A few months (or maybe a year or more) ago, WhatsApp was offered for free, however, the developers decided to charge 99 cents for it, while the app remained free on the Google Play Store, but now it seems history has repeated itself, as they dropped the price to zero. Read More

Apple Celebrating 5 Years of App Store With Poster

App StoreApple has achieved a lot in the past five years with its remarkable App Store. The App Store has created many companies, given rise to many budding entrepreneurs and most of all, helped customers get things done. Apple is sending a poster marking all of the milestones the App Store has hit in the past five years to all leading media journalists. Read More

Apps Will Now Automatically Update In iOS 7

appstoreFinally, Apps will now automatically get updated in iOS 7. While iOS 7 boasts a huge “flat” design change, the App Store largely remains identical to the previous version. “Apps Near Me” is a new feature that will allow users to discover the Apps being used near you. Parents will also be pleased to learn that they can now filter Apps based on age ranges. Read More

Apple Hits 45B App Downloads Milestone

App StoreApple may be in the slumps according to the stock market but Apple just updated investors earlier today of one of the company’s recent victories. According to Apple, they have surpassed 45 billion unique App downloads as of today. Apple reported reaching 40B App downloads as of January, which means there have been more than 5B downloads in less than five months. It is estimated that Apple is getting a download rate of 800 App downloads per second. Apple also said in the earnings call that as of present they have paid out approximately $9 billion to App developers. According to Apple, they are currently paying as much as $1 billion to App Developers every quarter. Read More

Bollywood Music App Saavn Updated, Adds Saavn Pro

saavn2Popular bollywood music App Saavn has now been updated to version 2.0 for iPhone and iPad. The new version sports a much cleaner UI and performs way better than previous versions. Managing playlists is now way simpler and with the cleaner user interface, accessing your favorite music is now much more intuitive. Read More

Choose Your Way And Reach The Destination Tactfully In Twisted Ways for iOS

twistedwaysIn Twisted Ways for iOS, your objective is to reach the end destination safely, and the only way to do that is by choosing the right blocks to jump on. Every time you jump on a block, the direction gets changed leaving you with only a few ways in which you can perform your next jump. So choose your jumps tactfully and make it to your final destination to win the game. Read More

Make Clones of Yourself in One Photo With Clone Camera for iOS

clone cameraYou know in movies when actors appear in double roles. That is, the same actor performing double roles, it feels so cool. With Clone Camera for iOS, you can get the same (2x or 3x or 4x) clones of yourself in one single photo image. It’s photographic clonic at its best. It’s simple, easy and intuitive. Read More

SwipeList Is Like Clear, But Free and Less Powerful (REVIEW)

swipelistA new App called SwipeList is now available on the App Store. What’s it all about? Well, it is just another to-do App, but clearly resembles the functionalities available in Clear. With the same swipe to complete or remove tasks and the same gestures, SwipeList is a good alternative to Clear and further more free with no ads whatsoever. It’s not as powerful as Clear, but includes some high quality gestures that would help you manage your daily to-do list. Read More