Review – Cut the Buttons for iOS

Cut The Buttons: LogoSo, you’ve got yourself a new iPad and now its time to get some awesome news apps to take advantage of those blazingly fast quad core graphics. Cut The Buttons might be just for you. This App, developed by Open Name LTD, presents a very unique gaming experience, but at the same time there are a few things that you can easily relate to that you have possibly seen in other applications within the App Store.

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App of the Week – Seesmic

Social Media is on an incremental rise and for some, privacy doesn’t even matter. Staying close with family and friends makes them feel better and every morning people wake up with an urge to check their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Both Facebook and Twitter have an iPhone as well as Android App of their own. But sadly, you need to keep on switching between the two and without multitasking – it’s a pain.

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App of the Week – iBowl

This week’s App of the Week is a game – iBowl. As you could suggest by the name, the App is related to Bowling. iBowl puts you in a 3D world and makes bowling completely portable.

iBowl is developed by SGN – Social Gaming Network and has two versions, Free and Deluxe. We are spotlighting the Free version. We tried both versions but the Free version turned out to be much better.

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App of the Week – iPicasso

Our tentative series App of the Week continues and this time we present an app which would help you with all your photo sharing and storing needs. iPicasso, an App developed by Uvento, is available for download from the App Store for $2.99 .

This App allows you to view your Picasa Web Albums on your iPhone. Not only that, it further allows you to have multiple Picasa Web Albums Accounts, Upload Photos from your iPhone, iPod or iPad, Select Album Order, Add and View Comments and a whole lot of exaggerating features. The App automatically adjusts your photos in the normal iPhone photo App manner and lets you flick through those precious memories in no time at all.

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App of the Week – Asphalt 5

It has been time since we featured a game in the App of the Week section. This week, Asphalt 5 and Asphalt 5 HD caught our eyes. Asphalt 5 is for the iPhone/iPod touch while Asphalt 5 HD is for the iPad.

Asphalt 5 is a car racing game with extraordinary graphics, improved accelerometer controls and lots of different cars and tracks to choose from. The App is developed by Gameloft, a popular company which has a lot of games up on the App Store.

You have a huge number of cars to choose from, including cars from leading manufactures such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi and Ducati. The HD graphics allows you to see every detail and complete engrosses you into the game. While driving your Lamborghini or Ferrari, you could even play music from your iPod touch or iPhone and completely enjoy your drive.

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App of the Week – Articles

Accessing Wikipedia Pages on the iPhone and reading them is so much fun but with native Apps to help you, Wikipedia is that much better. However, while the mobile site of Wikipedia is good, it has got certain deficiencies. You cannot store pages and images for later reading, cannot efficiently zoom in and out etc. With Articles, you can do these things and a lot more. It is a Wikipedia App for iPhone OS which helps you easily read and discover Wikipedia Articles.

The App feels as the iPhone Safari browser with similar looks. The Multiple Tabs button and Add a Bookmark button exactly replicate the browser. With the tap of a button, you could simply open up your Bookmarks pages and then navigate through various options available such as Artists and Famous Paintings, thus making the App a Wikipedia Page discovery App. History would help you read articles, which you previously stored while surfing through articles using the App. “Surprise Me!”, loads up a random Wikipedia Article which enhances its capability as a discovering tool.

You could even Add and Delete Folders in the Bookmarks Page. Opening Multiple Wikipedia Apps in the form of Tabs is even possible with the help of this genius App known as, Articles. Tapping on images inside Wikipedia Articles would fit the images to the whole screen. It has the same Progress bar as in safari which makes it almost identical to Safari on the iPhone.

The App responds very well to the Accelerometer on the iPad as well as the iPhone. The font size and text is attractive and the visual display of the App is fantastic. You cannot access your saved articles (history) with the single tap of a button and navigating too it is a pain. You cannot navigate the Table of Contents of the Article and can’t change the font of the article .

For $2.99, this App is a must-have. Head over to the App Store and get it now.

Performance – 9/10

Features – 8/10

Website –

App of the Week- Awesome Note

Awesome Note or anote is an elegant, feature rich, dynamic , secure and highly customizable note taking application with todo.Awesome note allows you to create categories, delete them, edit them, password protect them and even customize them. You could have different backgrounds for different notes, different colors for your categories which makes it so customizable. It is a note cum to-do manager and does it’s job perfectly.

There are many other note taking applications which I tested including Evernote, Todo etc. But this one seemed to dazzle me. You could export and import notes from Google docs which is very unique. In other note apps you upload it to their servers but out here you do that to the Google server which makes it more unified. In case of damage or data loss you could backup from Google docs.

Password protection makes anote very secure. You could set a password for a category and lock it. Set up alarms for different notes, view notes in list or grid view, add quick memos, view notes from all categories, choose different fonts for your notes , put down the keyboard by a single tap of a button, apply different themes , choose icons for categories, reorganize your categories are some of it’s eye catchy features.

With the latest version you could further add diary view and calendar view in every folder, attach map locations, delete completed todo’s at once and even manage multiple notes at a time.

“With no flaws, Awesome Note is the best note taking app ever”

Performance – 10/10
Features – 10/10
Design – 10/10
Overall – 10/10
Platforms – iPod touch/iPhone
Price – $3.99 ( Lite version available too)