Chrome 79 Bug Fixed, Google Notifies Indian Users To Change Password After Possible Data Breach

Google had released the latest version of Chrome named Chrome 79 recently for all web and Android users. But a bug in this new version forced Google to stop the rollout for a few days and they eventually fixed the bug which posed a threat to many users and also possibly wiped out the data in their devices. Read More

New Feature On Facebook Will Let Users Send Media Files To Google Photos

Amid the data portability concerns that Facebook is facing right now, the company is now testing out a new feature on its platform that will allow users to send their pictures and videos to Google Photos. More of the other media platforms will also be supported eventually once the feature goes live for all users. Read More

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Google’s New Feature Will Let You Delete Location And App Data Automatically

Gif showing how to choose how long to keep your web and app activity. gif

Google admitted recently that it stores the data, web activity and location of users in its servers. This is mainly for user personalization purposes and the company said that it does not intend to mess with information and it’s always secure. But if you are still not convinced, Google has introduced a new feature that will help you delete your data automatically. Read More