Reminder: How Angry Birds Came Into Being

quoraIn an excellent recent thread on Quora titled “Which startups have the best stories?”, the incredible story of Angry Birds came up and we’d like to remind all of our readers about it again. It’s really remarkable as Steve Jobs pointed out that the only thing that separates the good entrepreneurs from the not so good entrepreneurs in the eyes of society is pure perseverance. Read More

Top 4 Android Games That’ll Get You Addicted

android marketIf you are a new Android user or you plan on getting an Android device, then you are likely going to download an arsenal of applications that fit your personal needs. With thousands of applications in the market, which one should you get first? Well, you could get on your phone or go to to see what the most popular apps are. But there are really good apps way down on the long list of Apps too. During the coming weeks, we will be covering some breath-taking Android Apps that will help you get the most out of your device. For this week, we will be covering the top Android games that’ll get you addicted. Read More

App Store, iPhone 4, Angry Birds Get Guinness World Records

This should not come as a surprise. Apple’s curated App platform for iOS devices, the world’s most phenomenal phone, and the extraordinarily addictive game with pigs and birds have been awarded the Guinness World Records.

Apple’s App Store, iPhone 4, and Rovio’s Angry Birds were chosen to have set new records. Guinness dubbed the iPhone 4 as the “the fastest-selling portable gaming system” after selling an estimated 1.5 million handsets on the first day it was released on June 24, 2010.
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Angry Birds Comes to Chrome Web Store for FREE

angry birds chromeAngry Birds is now available on the Chrome Web Store for free. At Google I/O today, Peter Vesterbacka, the CEO of Espoo, demonstrated the power of the game on the web. Google recently made “in-app” purchases available for Chrome based Apps which means that you can get Mighty Eagle for $0.99 from within the App. The web version is as smooth as the native version, and the experience is good. Read More

Angry Birds iPad 2 Case Is On It’s Way

angrybirdsAngry Birds is so popular that ROVIO even plans to be on the New York Stock Exchange. Users of all age groups love to play the cross platform game in which you need to destroy the pigs.

GEAR4 plans to benefit from this growing, and has announced that it would be manufacturing three different cases for the iPad 2 that would feature the popular game. The three previews can be viewed on GEAR4’s website. The cases will just snap on to the iPad 2, and would give users access to all the ports of the device. There aren’t much details provided as of now, but we will notify you as the manufacturer announces further details. Read More