Get Tizen On Your Samsung Gear [US]


Two months after European users of the Samsung Gear devices received the option to install Tizen, it is now available in the United States as well. Tizen is generally accepted as the better OS, mainly because it feels much more adapted to your wrist considering it was built specifically for that purpose. Tizen also features full customization, including colors, fonts and layout, and also has support for third party applications. Read More

AT&T Gets LG G Watch Today


AT&T has just announced the availability of the LG G3 and the Android Wear–powered Smartwatch, the LG G Watch, on its network. The LG flagship will be available for pre-order starting today and will start selling on the 11th of July, along with a 12, 18, or 24–month contract. As for pricing, we can expect $24.17/$29 per month with the 12 or 18–month zero down payment plans, and a $299 initial payment with the longer 2 year plan.
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Wear Aware — Never Forget your Smartphone Again

wear aware

Gone are the days you forgot your phone at a restaurant or a café. Well, if you own an Android Wear Smartwatch that is. Wear Aware comes free from NORDIC USABILITY GMBH, and while it is still new and may be buggy, the developers explain that your Smartwatch will buzz and play an alarm should your paired Android phone be left far away from your watch. Read More