Android App Size Limit Now Upto 4GB

android logoSo you launched the Android market application, and downloaded a game that was on sale for a limited time, say, you downloaded a small file of around 25MB, only to discover that 200 MBs were waiting to be downloaded from inside the game. You don’t like this and probably neither does everyone. So what should Google do to fix this? Increase the Android market App size limit of course! And thats exactly what they did. The limit to the size of downloadable Applications has now been raised from as little as 50MB upto a massive 4GB! Thats right folks, games of upto 4GB can now be downloaded from the Android market itself, good riddance to those in-app downloads. Read More

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App Developers Working Hard to Maximize Sales on Christmas, Apple Employees Get Cut-off

Once again this year, many people will be opening new iPhones, iPod touches and iPads on Christmas day. And of course that means that millions of Apps are going to be downloaded. To maximize sales, developers have been working extremely hard to get their Apps developed in time for Apple to approve them and release them into the App Store. The cut-off point, much like past years, is this week. This Thursday is the cut-off date this year. A cut-off point means that all of the employees working for Apple are on vacation for eight days. Read More

Google’s Own Cloud Based Music App Leaked

google musicIt seems that Google does have an answer to Amazon’s cloud based player for Android and the web. The folks at Tech From 10 somehow managed to get their hands on the developer version of the Android Market which enabled them to download Google Music 3.0 for Android. The site also provides a download link to the application along with some extra screenshots, but looks like the website is down at the moment. Read More

Android’s In-App Billing System is Now Live

After a ling time, Android developers will now be able to efficiently monetize their Android applications with the new in-app billing system that has made its way into the Android Market today. As the model has been extremely successful on iOS, developers were keen to try it on Android. Starting today, developers can sell stuff from within the App, and charge users for it. Read More