Future Android Versions to go Easier on Killing Background Apps

text reading "Android", android logo. Future Android Versions to go Easier on Killing Background Apps.

Android smartphones often end up killing apps in the background. It makes for a very inconvenient user experience. This behavior is entirely randomized. A future change in Android, however, has people hopeful that this behavior of killing background apps might, at the very least, slow down. Google may introduce this new change as early as Android 13. although there have not been any confirmations regarding this as of yet.

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Google Play Protect to Revoke Permissions from Unused Android Apps

Google Play Protect logo. Text under logo reads "Google Play Protect".
Image Source: Android

Tech giant Google is introducing a change to the way Play Protect works. Now, upon detecting unused apps, Play Protect will be able to automatically remove their permissions. Based on a Statista report, smartphone users do not regularly use all the apps they download0. In fact, of all apps downloaded, people use 25% of them just once and then never again. Since several apps require a large number of permissions upon installation, this could pose a security threat in the long run. The latest Play Protect update by Google addresses this possible security breach. With this update, when apps go unused for a while, Play Protect will be able to remove permissions from them.

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Google Rolls Out Update for Several Apps on List

Google Chrome Browser, one of the Google Apps

The Android operating system constantly receives updates to be in the best shape that it can be in. These updates introduce new designs and features. Besides these, though, they also bring security patches and various other bug fixes. But the OS is not the only thing that receives updates. Apps, too, get their fair share of updates. Over the course of the past couple of months, several Google apps have seen various updates.

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Check Out The Best Android App Deals: Love You To Bits, Bring You Home And A Lot More

A compiled list of the best Android game and app deals in recent times is now made available for you.The day’s most remarkable price drops on apps from Google Play and beyond happens to be the Hisense’s Android-powered 65-inch 4K TV at $200 off.Love You to Bits, Bring You Home, Knots Live Wallpaper, Equalizer FX Pro, and more are the ones involved in the present collection. Here are the best Android app deals at the moment: Read More

Top 5 VPN Apps For Android 2020

We all want a safe internet experience. The first step towards it is to choose a VPN App that is best for you. But with so many Apps that claim to be good for your device, it can become a difficult task to choose amongst them. If you’re out and about, it becomes especially important to have a VPN App for your Android to protect it from any public Wi-Fi that you connect it to for using the internet. A public Wi-Fi network makes your phone vulnerable and that’s when a VPN App comes handy. Moreover, tasks like accessing geo-blocked streaming services like Netflix, avoiding location-based price targeting, and stopping Google from tracking you become easier through a VPN App. To help you get a clearer perspective on which App to choose, we present the Top 5 VPN Apps For Android 2020. Read More

Top 5 Yoga Apps For Android

As the ongoing pandemic continues to keep many of us at home, all the negative news that we consume can take a toll on our overall health. Taking care of our mental and physical health is more important than anything to not feel overwhelmed by everything going around. One of the best ways to ensure a healthy body and mind is by doing yoga. Yoga has numerous benfits on our physical health – increasing muscle strength, improving respiration, weight reduction, maintaining the right metabolism, increasing flexibility and much more. Mental benefits of yoga include – improved concentration, reduction in stress and anxiety, self-awareness and developing coping skills for a more positive outlook towards life.

Particularly during this time when being healthy and having a strong immune system is so important, yoga can do wonders. With the right app on your phone, you can practice yoga at your home without breaking the social distancing rule. Here we have Top 5 Yoga Apps for your Android phone:  Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad

5 Best Offline Apps For Android

You should always have some offline Apps on your Android smartphone in instances where you can’t access the internet. Many of us don’t and we end up wasting time to search for internet. Suppose you want to listen to music and you don’t have internet, you can download and keep your songs ready on any music streaming App. These offline Apps will work anytime and you just need to have them pre-installed in your device. . Here’s our list of the five best offline Apps for Android: Read More

A New Study Shows Pre-Installed Apps On Android Are A Privacy Threat

Millions of Android users have access to pre-installed Apps on their phone and they use it on a daily basis to for different tasks. But not many of us are aware that these Apps could be pose as a big risk for all the information that we enter and provide in them. A study conducted recently by a group of academics in Spain speaks about this privacy threat lurking around us. Read More

Top 5 Antivirus Apps For Android

A good antivirus App is always required if you wish to be free from any malware/adware on your Android smartphone. There are chances that your device gets inflicted with a virus while you browse through Chrome, Firefox and other popular browsers and it ends up compromising your private information. Also, it could happen when you download certain Apps from the Google Play Store which are fake or misleading. So, here’s our list of the five best antivirus Apps for Android: Read More

Kurosuke Adventure – Treasure Hunt Game for Android

KAKurosuke Adventure is a game for Android platform which is constantly proving its worth amidst the fierce competition of running arcade games for mobile phones. This game is not only well-designed but the fun and exciting magical experience it involves, makes this App a clear stand-out. This treasure hunting game has some amazingly creative features that will quickly attract the attention of people who are looking for a more vibrant gaming experience.
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