Here’s How To Use The Screen Recording Feature On Android 11

The upcoming Android 11 update will bring a host of new features to your smartphone, including a built-in screen recording option. The feature was introduced in Samsung and LG phones running Android 10, but it was quite buggy and ultimately removed. There are still few models running the feature but it’s hidden. You could give it a shot! Google is now back with the feature and there will finally be a way to get the option without downloading a third-party app, irrespective of the phone you are using as long as you are running Android 11. Here’s how to use the screen recorder in Android 11 when it arrives:  Read More

Android 11 Beta 2 Released: Features To Look Forward To

Google released Android Beta 2 on Wednesday for Google Pixel. With its release, Google says that it has achieved Platform Stability, which means that between now and the final release, the operating system wouldn’t need any major changes. The APIs, app-facing surfaces and platform behaviors have been finalized. This is a call for developers to start testing and finalizing their app compatibility for Android 11 that will release in the third quarter. Ahead of the final launch, the company plans for a last beta release next month according to the official Android 11 timeline. Google briefly revealed in a presentation that the release could be on September 8th. Android 11 beta 2 gives special attention to app compatibility, hence the release is considerably from the developer’s perspective.

Here are the major features from Android 11 beta 1 and beta 2 release for the end users:  Read More

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Android 11 Gets 62 New Emojis

The latest Android 11 Beta includes support for 62 new emojis, the number goes up to 117 emojis along with variations. Interestingly, this is the first official announcement made by Google in the context of the new upcoming operating system. The Consortium responsible for maintaining the global standard for emoji, had released the Unicode emoji 13.0 list earlier in the month of January. Read More

Android 11 Beta Launched

Android -11-Google-Beta-1As per recent news, Google has launched its Android 11 Beta 1. Earlier, Google cancelled the web conference which was scheduled for last week due to the protest held in US with subject to George Floyd. However, the tech giant did launch 12 talks which was dated to release on YouTube today. As per sources, the company will be hosting 11 weeks of Android which will cover topics including machine learning, UI and jetpacks. Read More