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Amazon’s Appstore Reaches Other Countries

As is everything on, their Appstore has been a great place to pick up Apps for your Android devices. With the one paid App for free for a day program, Amazon has managed to capture a lot of Android hearts. However ever since it’s launch, this AppStore has only been available in the U.S.A, which is of disadvantage to users outside the country such as myself. It now appears though as if the restrictions have been lifted.
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“The Steve Jobs Way” Is A Must Read

sjobs wayIf you are a die hard fan of iLeader – Steve Jobs, a new book by Jay Elliot, former Vice President of Apple and close friend of Steve Jobs is a must read. The book, unlike others, comes from a man who has been in close contact with the número uno, Steve Jobs himself. Read More

Apple Has Acquired for $4.5 Million [Rumor]

icloudOm Malik of GigaOM has got a tip from an unidentified source who told him that Apple has acquired for $4.5 million. Apple has not brought the company, but rather the domain name for $4.5 million. The company has changed its name to, and it appears that Apple is building a cloud based locker service similar to Amazon’s cloud storage services. Read More

Google Fails to Strike Deals With Record Companies, May Partner With Spotify

google musicAccording to reports, Google hasn’t been able to sign deals with major record companies for its next cloud based music platform. Apple is way ahead in this arena, and apparently Google lacks somebody as dynamic as Steve Jobs to convince the music industry. To overcome this hurdle, it is reported that Google may partner with European based Spotify to power Google Music.
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Amazon Kills Apple and Google Music Offerings With New Cloud Based Music Service

amazon cloud
Amazon has just revealed its new cloud based music streaming and storage service dubbed “Amazon Cloud Player” and “Amazon Cloud Drive” that will kill Apple and Google’s music services. The new service from Amazon allows users to store music in the cloud, and then stream it from the cloud using the Web or an Android device. iOS devices are not yet supported by the Cloud Player. Read More

YouTube Next Will Help Video Creators

youtube logo

Google has today acquired NextNewNetworks, a video network with a huge user base. While Netflix, Amazon and other companies provide a way to view licensed content at a premium, YouTube’s next step would be to increase its user generated content.

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Amazon’s New “The Book Lives On” Ad Targets the iPad

Amazon has released a new advertisement that promotes its flagship product, Kindle and takes a shot at Apple as well as the iPad (indirectly). The new Kindle Ad is titled “The Book Lives On” and showcases the Kindle Store which boasts more than 80,000 titles.

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Kindle App Adds Open Supported Files, Background Downloading, and More

kindle app

Amazon has pushed out an update for its Kindle App for iPad and iPhone that takes the most amazing book reading application to version 2.5. The App now completely optimizes the iOS background capabilities and allows you to download a book in the background while you spend time on some other App.

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Kindle for Mac Comes to the Mac App Store

kindle mac

Amazon’s Kindle App for the Mac is now available for download via the Mac App Store for free. The application allows Kindle users to access their library from their Mac and even sync bookmarks, highlights, and notes using Kindle’s WhisperSync technology.

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Amazon – Apple Products are the Most-Gifted

apple logo

In a recent announcement, Amazon revealed that Apple products were the most gifted items in all the categories in which it had products except television and video products.

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