Alarmy For iOS — Sleep If You Can (Review)

If you struggle dragging yourself out of your warm and toasty bed in the morning, Alarmy (Sleep if you can) is the perfect App for you. Alarmy is designed for people who like to hit snooze multiple times, sleep in late, and can’t resist the urge to just shut your phone off. It is also versatile enough to replace your native alarm clock for good. Read More

Want To Shut Off The Alarm Without Touching Your Phone? Do That With Wave Alarm for iPhone

wave alarmHere’s an innovative new way to shut off your ringing alarm clock in the morning. No need to swipe by touching your phone or hitting any buttons, just wave off your alarm with Wave Alarm for iPhone. With just a simple gesture, Wave Alarm will silent or snooze the alarm for you. Coming from Augmented Minds, this is an absolutely innovative concept for all the lazy ones (including me) amongst us. Read More

Clock Stand Is An Amazing Clock, Weather and Alarm App, And It Is Free Now

alarmWe just stumbled upon Clock Stand for iOS, a very neat and intuitive App that displays the current time, weather based on your location and also sports a very handy and elegant alarm clock feature. With an incredible user interface, this App is a winner. It does not do much, but it is very effective at doing some key things. Read More