New AirPods Pro 2 And New iPhone To Launch Simultaneously

Apple’s AirPods headset range continues to make waves. The first pair of headphones sold faster than Apple could make them for months, and the next model, the AirPods Pro, and the latest over-ear headset, the AirPods Max, have been selling big.

Now, a new report confirms that the upcoming AirPods Pro headset is being replaced by a second version and has a few design-specific elements to lend a bit of interest to the statement. As well as interesting, the report also claims that a new iPhone will be released at the same time. Read More

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AirPods Pro Limited Edition Launched For Chinese New Year

Apple launched the limited edition AirPods Pro in the Year of the Ox to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The limited edition AirPods Pro shares design and features with the regular model but has an Ox-themed artwork. on the charging box and retail box. The price of this limited edition AirPods Pro is the same as the regular one – 1,999 yuan ($ 310 / € 250) in China, HK $ 1,999 ($ 260 / € 210) in Hong Kong, SGD 379 ($ 290/235 €) in Singapore, TWD 7,990 ($ 285 / € 230) in Taiwan and RM 1,099 ($ 275 / € 220) in Malaysia. Read More

AirPods To Get New Exciting Features: Auto-Switching & Spatial Audio

With the wave of announcements that came our way from this year’s WWDC, Apple unveiled new features and updates for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Macbook and AirPods. Highlighting the new updates for AirPods, both AirPods Pro and AirPods (2nd Gen) will get the automatic-switching feature, while only AirPods Pro is getting spatial audio feature.

The auto-switching feature allows the users to switch their AirPods between Apple devices without the need to reconnect. This is done by linking the AirPods with the user’s icloud account. Say, you are watching a movie on your MacBook and you get a call, once you take the call, the AirPod will automatically switch to your iPhone without any hassle and then automatically switch back to your movie on MacBook after the call ends. Similarly, the user can switch between any Apple device without actually changing any of the bluetooth settings. The automatic switching works by detecting what the user is using the iCloud linked devices for and decides whether they will need the AirPods for performing the task. How convenient is that? The update will also come to Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro and Beats Solo Pro. Read More

Cheaper AirPods On The Way

Apple recently launched the new iPhone SE and now reports suggest that Apple could be now looking to launch a new generation of cheaper AirPods.

Jon Prosser, a leading journalist claims that the new generation of the AirPods will launch as early as next month. The product was planned for launch back in March but got delayed due to the epidemic. Apple is planning to now release it with the new 13 inch MacBook Pro in May. Read More

Apple May Introduce ‘AirPods Pro-Lite’

Apple is looking to launch its new earphones “AirPods Pro-Lite”. After the release of AirPods 2, Apple is looking to release a cheaper and lower version. The new version was scheduled to launch later this year, but now the launch has been delayed.

The Silicon Valley giant is reportedly working on the premium earphone lineup. The AirPods were introduced back in December 2016 followed by Airpods 2 which were launched in March last year.  Read More