Turn Your Android Smartphone Into Your AI Assistant

Our mobile Smartphone’s these days can do a variety of tasks. You are able to download a crazy number of apps from the play store to pimp up your handset. Did you know that you are also able to activate the Google AI (Artificial Intelligence) function on your phone to basically become your digital assistant. Just like the actual Google Home device you can buy. In some ways, this is a better alternative and some ways it isn’t. Just like the Amazon Echo Dot, and the Google Home devices which is a separate device you are able to buy to make things a little easier for your life and home. You are also now able to turn your mobile phone into virtually the same thing. Read More

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Google’s Clips Camera is Selling For $249

Google’s AI Camera was quickly sold out after it was available to purchase over the weekend. This camera was unveiled in October alongside Google Pixel 2, but has finally been made open for purchase.

This $249 camera is completely hands-free and uses AI running on an Intel Movidius chip to decide when to take a snap of family and friends. You can clip the camera to the chair and click amazing pictures that has a natural feel to it. Also, the device can be placed in living rooms to capture all the beautiful family moments. Read More

Google Is Expanding In France With The New AI Research Centre

Google is slowly and steadily expanding their business across the the globe. This time it is in France where Google is launching it’s new AI Research Center.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO wrote blog post detailing Google’s investment in France. This includes three main announcements. First one being, the company will expand it’s office in Paris by acquiring an renting the buildings around Google’s current office and connect them. Read More

Google Working On Self-Doubting AI Systems

Google is advancing in AI technology with ongoing research which focusses on popular deep-learning frameworks that will enable them to handle probability. This will measure the confidence to AI programs to make a decision and also when the AI should doubt themselves.

In the past few years, deep learning machines have been able to recognize objects in images or transcribe speech almost perfectly. Though it requires lot of computing power and training data, and may well get frail at times. Read More

The Race for Artificial Intelligence: What’s a Bot to Do?

Artificial Intelligence

Far from being installed in evil robots or charged with guiding a spaceship through a treacherous part of the galaxy, artificial intelligence (AI) in 2017 is rather more boring. You’re unlikely to find something that can ask the important questions but you might stumble upon a piece of computer code that can tell you the difference between a banana and a carrot; that, or give you accurate directions to the Post Office. Read More