The Most Popular Medical Spa Services To Promote Online

Medical spas are becoming more and more popular, especially as having cosmetic procedures becomes less taboo, and more commonly a topic of conversation. Advertising online is a very sensible thing to do. Almost everyone has an online footprint, and the easiest way to advertise your business is through online advertising and promotion.
A good place to start is to promote the services that your medical spa promotes, and using hashtags and keywords to attract traffic to your website or social media platform. Read More

Apple Moving TV Advertising In-House, Loosening Ties With TBWA

TV Advertising

Since 1984 TBWA\Chiat\Day has been making TV Ads for Apple. For the last few months Apple has been making its own Ads. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is moving more of its TV advertising in-house, loosening ties with the ad agency it has used for more than 30 years. Apple has built its internal team using employees from TBWA\Chiat\Day. The team is led by Tyler Whisnand, who Apple recruited from Media Arts Lab. According to Bloomberg, hiring for team is still on from other Ad agencies. Apple’s ‘Pencil’ iPad Ad and all the TV Ads airing now were developed by Apple’s internal advertising team. Latest iPad campaign, Your Verse, that has a series of stories about iPad being used in different situations is also developed by its internal team. Read More

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Google Acquires AdMeld for $400 Million

Google has acquired AdMeld, an advertising platform for publishers for about $400 Million. Blog posts by both Google and AdMeld suggest the acquisition to be confirmed. Although the price has not yet been disclosed, it is rumored that the deal took place for $400M. In a blog post, Michael Barrett of AdMeld mentions although the deal is waiting for review, AdMeld and Google will remain independent after the acquisition. Read More

iPhone 4 Advertisement in Blackberry Store [PICS]

bbAlmost everyone seems to be copying Apple’s retail store success. Apple Stores are a phenomenon and gradually other mobile phone manufactures like HTC, Samsung, and even Blackberry are coming up with dedicated stores. A TheAppleGoogle reader from India has noticed an ironic picture that simply shows how good Apple’s marketing guys are. In the picture above, a Blackberry store in India has got something that will shock you. Read More