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Apple Airs New iPhone TV Ad Dubbed “Parenthood”

Apple from has started airing a new iPhone 5S TV Ad called “Parenthood“. The Ad focuses on different iPhone 5S features, Apps and products that are of use by parents for various day to day activities like baby monitoring, finding a lost dog, learning, turning off lights, recording health data and more. The features of the device that are focused in the ad are FaceTime, Flashlight, and Camera. Read More

Apple’s All New TV Ad For iPhone 5S Is All About Gold

For now the video is Flash, apologies for that. Once it is uploaded on YouTube, we’ll update it here as well

Apple has just released a brand new TV ad for the iPhone 5S and it completely promotes the gold version which has been a top seller compared to the other colors. The gold color and the Touch ID sensor are the two things Apple is pushing with this new iPhone 5S TV ad.

Apple’s New FaceTime iPhone TV Ad

Apple has released a new ad that revolves around the theme – “Every day, more people connect face to face on the iPhone than any other phone.” It has been embedded above for your viewing pleasure.

Apple’s Stunning New TV Ad – Intention

Apple’s really proud to be an American company and has released two new ads promoting their signature – “Designed by Apple in California.” The above one is dubbed “Intention” and through the use of simple phrases, it clearly captures someone’s attention towards the level of design attention Apple pays to its products. Only when every detail is perfect, does a product hold the signature – “Designed by Apple in California.” Read More

Apple’s New Ad: Music Every Day

Apple has a new TV Ad dubbed “Music Every Day”. The message of the ad – “Every day, more people listen to music on their iPhone, than any other phone”. Subtle. Read More

New Apple TV Ad Focuses on Photos

Apple has aired a new TV ad today and also made it live on its website and YouTube channel dubbed “Photos Every Day”. The ad focuses on the fact that more photos are taken from the iPhone every single day than any other camera. This data has been extracted by Flickr. Read More

Two Amazing iPhone 5 Ads Released – “Brilliant” and “Discover” (VIDEO)

Apple has just launched two new incredible iPhone 5 ads dubbed “brilliant” and “discover”. Both ads have the tagline – “With an iPhone, there‚Äôs an app for that. And that. And that.”. Read More

Amazon’s New Ad Targets iPad’s Retina Display

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer has just launched an ad for the Amazon Kindle HD that compares the iPad’s gorgeous retina display to the HD screen of the Amazon Kindle HD. The ad clearly mentions that both devices have HD quality screens and that you won’t be able to spot the difference in screen quality, but when it comes to pricing, Amazon only charges $299 while the iPad is priced at $499. Read More

Watch and Vote for the Best Superbowl Ad on YouTube

On YouTube, you can now watch all the incredible million-dollar worth Superbowl ads that were aired by big companies to promote their products and services. Personally, the GoDaddy ad was worth it, even though it is generating mixed reactions. Read More

Apple’s Incredible “Dream” TV Ad for iPhone 5. Just Wow!

Apple has launched an incredible new TV Ad dubbed “Dream”. The ad focuses on the “Do Not Disturb” feature in iOS which makes sure that while you’re sleeping you do not get disturbed by unwanted calls and messages. In the ad, you’ve got tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams competing against an unknown first person. After a series of awkward Apple ads, this one’s really strong. Read More