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Billionaire Club: Apple And Beats Deal Almost Confirmed By This Video

Apple just made Dr. Dre a billionaire. This video above almost seems to confirm the $3.2B acquisition of Beats Electronics by Apple.

Apple Could Buy Beats Electronics For $3.2B


Apple is in talks to buy Beats Electronics for an astonishing $3.2B as reported by the Financial Times. If the deal goes through, this would be Apple’s largest acquisition ever. Beats produces luxury headphones that have now become the trend and earlier this year launched an App that competes with Spotify. Read More

Apple And Google Competing For Square?


Last year, both Apple and Google approached the mobile payment company Square for acquisition. Square, the mobile payment company by Jack Dorsey, co-founder and co-creator of Twitter. In the past, there have been speculations that Google would be the probable buyer as it would want more information on the purchases that consumers make, both to check how well its ads work and to subsequently target those ads to people. This is one of the reasons why it launched Google Wallet, which is yet to catch popularity for payments. But people close to Dorsey doubt Google to be the buyer because of the sour past discussions over acquisition of Twitter and also Dorsey believes Square’s design values are more towards Apple. Read More

Yahoo Buys Automatic Video Creation App Startup ‘Qwiki’


Yahoo has just acquired Qwiki.

AllThingsD, a few weeks ago had reported that Yahoo was about to acquire Qwiki. Qwiki is an iPhone App that automatically turns photos and videos into “quick” movies with complete soundtrack and transitions. Read More

Betaworks Acquires Instapaper

instapaperInstaper is an App that allows a user to save pages to read at a later time even when there is no internet connection. The Instapaper App is sold for $3.99 for the iOS version and the Android version is sold for $3.00. This is a paid App that does what other Apps like Safari (after the ‘reading list’ feature was added to it) and Pocket do for free. Today, Instapaper announced that Betawors has acquired a majority stake in the company. Read More

Following Apple, Amazon Acquires 3D Map App UpNext

Here comes Amazon into the whole 3D maps war. With Apple replacing Google Maps in iOS 6 and rolling out its very own 3D maps applications, Amazon wants to do the same thing, of-course. Amazon has acquired UpNext to signal that an Amazon powered Maps application could be making its way to the Kindle Fire, without Google’s permission. Read More

Quickoffice Acquired by Google

Google has acquired Quickoffice, the all-in-one office suite for mobile platforms including iOS and Android to evolve Google Docs more and to make it more native. The Quickoffice team will be moving to Google HQ to qork on Google Docs and to make it a more integrated part of a computer.

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Apple Acquires Chomp

chompApple has acquired Chomp, a mobile App searching company that helped solved the problem of App discovery. With over 500,000 Apps already in the App Store and Apple about to hit 25 Billion App downloads, discovering new Apps is a pain. Apple acquisition of Chomp will help the company build better searching tools in iTunes. Chomp’s all of 20 members will now work at Apple to help improve the entire ecosystem. Read More

Apple Has Acquired for $4.5 Million [Rumor]

icloudOm Malik of GigaOM has got a tip from an unidentified source who told him that Apple has acquired for $4.5 million. Apple has not brought the company, but rather the domain name for $4.5 million. The company has changed its name to, and it appears that Apple is building a cloud based locker service similar to Amazon’s cloud storage services. Read More

iOS Developer Newtoy Acquired by Zynga


The development studio that has developed the popular iOS title, Words with Friends has been acquired by the most popular social network gaming operator Zynga by an amount that is undisclosed.

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