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Alertic For iOS — Come Rain Or Snow, Be The First To Know

AlerticHave you ever been caught out by a freak storm or an unseasonal snow? Walked out of your house without an umbrella because the skies were clear only to be rained on fifteen minutes later? We all have been surprised by the weather sometime or another, but Alertic for iOS is here to ensure that we are never caught out again. Read More

Yahoo Weather Update Brings iPad Support and Weather Sharing

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo has just updated Yahoo Weather for iOS devices, making the App universal. What this means is that the App will now run not only on the iPhone and iPod touch, but also on the iPad mini, and the full sized iPad. Read More

The Yahoo! Weather App for iOS – Absolutely Stunning

yahooweatherYahoo recently put out a new weather App dubbed “Yahoo Weather” for iOS. The App is quite nice looking, and uses photos from Flickr to showcase current weather conditions and time in each area you place on your list. Yahoo Weather has a well designed, clean look to it. Although it is an iOS app, it kind of looks like something you’d see on a Windows Phone. As far as the functionality of the app, it’s pretty basic. Then again, you shouldn’t be expecting too much from a weather app. It does the job and it does it pretty well. Read More