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Twitter App To Receive Update With DM History


In an upcoming update for the Android Twitter App, users will be able to view older Direct Messages on their mobile devices, and also reliably and consistently delete them across platforms. Read More

Medium By Twitter and Blogger Co-Founder To Get iOS App Next Week

Medium AppAccording to a report by Fortune, ‘Medium‘, a new blogging service formed by the co-founder of Twitter and Blogger, Ev Williams, is set to receive its Official iOS App that promises us something ‘really big.’ Read More

MyBloc For iOS — Unify Your Social Network

MyBlocMyBloc for iOS is a new App which promises to combine your social network Apps into a single screen or rather onto a single block. MyBloc promises that you would never have to leave the App to check your social media feed. Just rotate the block to check the latest posts and tweets. But does MyBloc really work or is it too good to be true? Read More

Twitter for iPhone Receives Major Update

Twitter 6

Twitter for iPhone has recently been updated and the new version brings along with it a slew of new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. Images can now be shared with other users via direct messages and now links to those images can also be sent via DMs. The UI has received a huge overhaul and the App now just feels faster. Read More

Twitter Updates Apps – DM Unread Status Is Now In Sync

TwitterYesterday, Twitter announced its updates for not only the iPhone, iPad and Android Apps, but also the Desktop and Mac Apps, as well as TweetDeck. The changes, while being minor, are something that have been requested for a while.
Read More

Send A Happy Alien Or An Angry Shark To Your Friends With iGab For iOS

i-gabiGab wants to save the world from boring messages!” says the iGab Facebook page and it is doing a wonderful job of achieving that goal. iGab is a messaging App which allows you to send a 3D animated character which will relay the message in your voice. No more spending time typing long messages which can’t convey your emotions. iGab is a novel, fun and entertaining way of sending messages to your friends. Read More

UYH Gold for iOS – Time To Put Away Your Keyboards?

uyhFor those users who don’t get along with their keyboards or have a difficult relationship with Siri, here is a tool which lets you write with a flourish of a finger. Use Your Handwriting does exactly what it says: you can write messages and notes in your own handwriting, as bad as it may be. Just tap to add a new note across ten categories – ranging from work to holiday – and write as much as you like and as quickly as you can. You can e-mail these notes and even tweet or “share” them on Facebook. Read More

Tweetbot Targets Pirated Users With An Interesting Tweet

tweetbotSome users have been using pirated copies of Tweetbot, the popular Twitter client for Mac and iOS. To stand up against these pirated copies, Tweetbot in a humble way automatically suggests pirated users to tweet this – Read More

Twitter for iOS and Android Updated With Photo Filters

Twitter FiltersTwitter have updated their iOS and Android App to support Instagram like photo filters. Twitter for iOS and Android will now allow you to add photo filters to your pictures right from the App before posting it to Twitter. Cropping tools, auto-enhance, pinch to zoom and photo filters are now a part of the App. Read More

Twitter App for iPhone and Android Updated

Twitter has just launched an updated version of its Android and iOS App. The new App includes many new features like “expandable tweets”, “tappable avatars” and “the new Twitter bird icon”. If you use the Twitter client on your iOS or Android device, make sure you update it now. Read More