Snapcash — Snapchat’s New Payment System

snapcashSeamless payment is in vogue, being made ever more popular with Apple Pay. Almost every day now more and more stores and banks are signing up to support Apple Pay, Apple’s NFC-based touchless payment service. Not one to stay behind the latest fad, Snapchat has come up with a brilliant new update which allows its users to transfer money to one another through the self-deleting messaging service. Read More

Facebook To Launch New Video Chat App To Take On Rival SnapChat

snapchatFacebook’s failed attempt to buy SnapChat last year, despite the offer price of $3bn, has made Facebook secretly work on an App similar to SnapChat. SnapChat is a popular messaging App with new extensions for text messaging and video calling in addition to the ability to send short videos or photos that “disappear” soon after viewing. Read More

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To Err Is Human. To Self Destruct Messages, There Is iDelete for iOS

ideleteHave you ever sent a message you wish you hadn’t? Or sent a compromising photo which gave you sleepless nights? Worry no more, iDelete for iOS is here. Now, you can send texts and photos with the ability to delete themselves. Once the receiver opens the message they have anything between ten seconds to two minutes (time is set by you) to view it before the message self-destructs. And they really mean destruct. The message is not only deleted from the receiver’s phone but also from the sender’s and the server. That is thorough. Read More