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Siri Will Be Upgraded For Third Party App Integration


According to a report by The Information, Apple is developing a revamped version of Siri that will interconnect and link to other third party Apps. So far, Apple has made deals with services like Yelp and OpenTable for Siri integration, but apparently, Apple aims to eventually make Siri compatible with every third party application. Read More

Here’s How Siri Works

Apple Servers

With Siri getting asked hundreds of thousands of questions everyday, it must take a lot of computer processing, considering it has to make out the words from different accents across the globe, analyze it, process it, and then return a witty and appropriate response, all in ~2 seconds. Read More

Don’t Like Siri’s Voice, Here’s What She Says

Siri NewSiri Voice

Siri recently got a huge makeover with iOS 7. Siri also got two new voices, one male and the other female. If you happen to hate Siri’s new voice, go ahead, tell it to her and here is what she is likely to say.

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Siri Gets New Voice With iOS 7

siriWith iOS 7, Siri is now more intelligent and helpful. It’s now got the ability to work with more controls including toggling settings, integrates with Twitter and Wikipedia and also features two new male and female voices. Siri also sports a brand new design now and you will now be able to know when Siri is listening to you with the new audio waves that are displayed. Read More

UYH Gold for iOS – Time To Put Away Your Keyboards?

uyhFor those users who don’t get along with their keyboards or have a difficult relationship with Siri, here is a tool which lets you write with a flourish of a finger. Use Your Handwriting does exactly what it says: you can write messages and notes in your own handwriting, as bad as it may be. Just tap to add a new note across ten categories – ranging from work to holiday – and write as much as you like and as quickly as you can. You can e-mail these notes and even tweet or “share” them on Facebook. Read More

Here’s What’s Steve Wozniak Wants Apple To Do To Siri (VIDEO)

Apple’s cofounder Steve Wozniak recently spoke about how is entire life is now surrounded via Apps and he also clearly mentioned what he would like to see in Siri. Steve wants Siri to start speaking the language of the Apps so someone can instantly say for example – “Open Amazon and search for books” or something like that. We are pretty certain that Apple is already working on it, but it’s great to hear it from Woz himself. So check out the video above.

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Google’s Search App for iOS Updated, Now Adds Siri-Like Voice Capabilities

Google today updated its iOS App adding many new and exciting features. In terms of the UI, this is a huge upgrade. The interface is now much cleaner and more usable. The App is now also updated for the iPhone 5′s longer display. Read More

How to: Replicate Siri on Mac

Alfred and Dictation for SiriHate it or love it, Siri does exist on iOS and it does work, only sometimes. But, if you wished that you had that sexy personal assistant on your Mac as well, a Reddit user has got an awesome tip in mind. Just download Alfred for Mac and use Dictation already available on your Mac, whoa! You get Siri like capabilities. Read More

Two New Siri Ads Feature John Malkovich (VIDEO)

Siri AdsAfter Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel, Apple has just aired two new Siri ads staring John Malkovich. The ads titled “Life” and “Joke” features actor John Malkovich using Apple’s personal assitant, Siri. The ads have been embedded below, check em out. Just like every other Apple ad, definitely worth checking out. Read More

Siri Now Comes To Japan. Part of iOS 5.1

siriSiri is now available for Japanese users. It will be a part of iOS 5.1 which is being released today. Read More