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iPad Mini To Be In Short Supply During Launch


As confirmed by a supply chain source for Apple in Taiwan, the new iPad mini’s retina displays are in short supply, as Sharp and LG Displays are unable to produce the screens as much as demanded. According to reports, this will create a shortage of devices when it is released later next month. Read More

GoodReader for iPad Now Optimized for Retina Display

More and more developers and constantly updating their Apps to start taking advantage of the Retina Display on the new iPad. GoodReader, an application that has been ranked as #8 in the list of the best-selling iPad apps of all time, has just got a new update which has lots of goodies packed for us. Read More

iPhoto Gets Over 1M Downloads, Brings in $5M

iphotoAs Jim Dalrymple [The Loop] reports, Apple’s latest App, iPhoto, an extremely sophisticated photo editing App for iOS which is a part of the iLife mobile suite has achieved over one million users in just 10 days. Astonishing. For clarification, Apple said that these are 1,000,000 individual users, not multiple downloads on different devices by a user. Since there have been 1,000,000 purchases, and the App costs $4.99, Apple has roughly made $5 Million off one app in just 10 days. Wow! Read More

iPad 2 Screen Resolution Will Be 2048×1536

ipad screen

A new rumor suggests that the screen resolution of the next generation iPad would be 2048X1536, twice the size of the current generation tablet from Apple. Just as the iPhone, Apple plans to retain the 9.7 inch size of the tablet, but increase the screen resolution to offer a better display solution.

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Two Cameras in iPad 2?

ipad 2

According to a recent report from Reuters, the next generation of the iPad will have two cameras. Reuters have confirmed with multiple sources who claim that the new next generation magical tablet would be released in 2011 and would sport two cameras.

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New iPhone 4 Ad Boasts About Retina Display

Apple today posted a new advertisement on it’s website dubbed “Every”. The ad primarily focuses on the phone’s retina display.

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New iPod touch – Ultimate Guide

iPod touch 2010

At an event today in San Francisco, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs announced a refresh of the iPod lineup. The iPod touch was updated too and the new device ships with iOS 4.1.

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