Apple Retains Its Position As The World’s Most Valuable Company


Consulting firm, Interband, has released its 2014 ranking for world’s most valuable company and Apple has retained its top position in the list. The list has 100 companies out of which the first, second, fourth, fifth and seventh positions have gone to technology companies. At number two is Google, fourth is IBM, fifth is Microsoft, and seventh is Samsung. Read More

Apple Vs Samsung: The Story So Far

svaApple and Samsung have been fighting out their legal battle for three years now, and it doesn’t seem to be coming to an end. This war, which has encompassed most of the globe with different results in different parts of the world, has seen the two companies go from being partners to enemies. Popularly known as the “smartphone patent wars,” the battle which was started by Steve Jobs carries on after his death. Here we summarise the story so far. Read More

Apple Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over Labor Code Violations


Apple has committed a number of alleged Labor Code violations because of which it is facing a class action lawsuit in California. According to TechCrunch, the company is being accused of not providing timely meal breaks, rest breaks, and final paychecks. One complaint cites employees being forced to work for five hours straight without a break and another one suggests that Apple took several weeks to send out a final check to multiple employees. Read More

Apple Moving TV Advertising In-House, Loosening Ties With TBWA

TV Advertising

Since 1984 TBWA\Chiat\Day has been making TV Ads for Apple. For the last few months Apple has been making its own Ads. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is moving more of its TV advertising in-house, loosening ties with the ad agency it has used for more than 30 years. Apple has built its internal team using employees from TBWA\Chiat\Day. The team is led by Tyler Whisnand, who Apple recruited from Media Arts Lab. According to Bloomberg, hiring for team is still on from other Ad agencies. Apple’s ‘Pencil’ iPad Ad and all the TV Ads airing now were developed by Apple’s internal advertising team. Latest iPad campaign, Your Verse, that has a series of stories about iPad being used in different situations is also developed by its internal team. Read More

Apple Loses To Google For Most Valuable Brand 2014

Most Valuable brandAccording to the Millward Brown annual BrandZ study, Apple, hailed by the same study as the Most Valuable Brand for the past three years, loses to Google for Most Valuable Brand 2014. It has been speculated that Google has been fast gaining on Apple in the past year and this year it finally overtook the tech giant. Read More

Two New Apple Retail Stores Will Open Soon In New York

retail storesThere are already five Apple retail stores in New York, in SoHo, Grand Central, Upper Westside, West 14th Street and, of course, the company’s flagship retail store on Fifth Avenue. It is expected that in 2015 two new Apple retail stores will open in New York. One would be located in the Westfeild World Trade Center mega mall and the other would be on 938 Madison Avenue (Upper East Side). Read More

AppVersal Ad

Apple’s Acquisition Of Beats More About Talent

BeatsEarlier this month there was news about Apple’s plan to acquire Beats Electronics, though still there has been no official communication from either of the companies.  According to TechCrunch, a well-placed source who is familiar with ongoing discussions of the deal has confirmed Apple’s acquisition of Beats “is happening”. The deal which was close to falling apart many times has “70% certainty” of acquisition of the multibillion-dollar headphone company according to the source. Read More