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My iStory, Diary of your Life

istoryMy iStory, developed by Apps Made Easy Ltd., boasts a wonderful and eye-catching design and tons of features to preserve your life in modern style. My iStory is a journaling app that lets you record your daily life experiences through words, pictures, video, audio, and even music. Read More

A Good Golf Companion App, myGolfstats + GPS (Review)

mygolfstatsThere are hundreds and thousands of golf apps on the App Store. It does get a bit tricky to choose between them and find the perfect Golf app for you. Some have a hefty price tag attached to them and some are just rubbish. However, myGolfstats + GPS is a good companion golf app on the App Store that not only has tons of features but is also free (with in-app purchases). Read More

Block Frustrating Numbers With VIPaList for iPhone (Review)

vipalistReceiving a lot of unwanted and unknown wrong numbers? Do you wish to throw your phone at the wall during work when you receive such a call?  Now, with VIPaList, you don’t need to throw your phone away or be irritated. Developed by Femi Olu, VIPaList provides an intelligent and quick way to block those unwanted wrong number with just a tap. Read More

iPhone 5S to Run Latest 64 Bit A7 Processor, 31% faster than the A6


In a recent Tweet, Fox News Anchor Clayton Morris claims that Apple is working on an A7 processor, which will supposedly be 31% faster than its predecessor. Read More

Apple Hiring Lots Of New Talent To Release iWatch In Late 2014


According to a report published by the Financial Times, Apple is now vigorously hiring new people, in order to make the famed ‘iWatch,’ a reality. Before this report, the only claim linking to the iWatch, was a Bloomberg report, saying that Apple was hiring around a 100 new people, for the design and development of the iWatch, and now it seems that time is here. Read More

MacBook Pro Entry Level Now Only At $999 For Students

macbookThe entry level MacBook Pro now only costs $999 for students. Part of Apple’s Educational Discount system, Apple today reduced the price of the entry level MacBook Pro to just $999, offering a flat $200 off retail price. Read More

Steve Jobs High School GPA – 2.65

stevehighschoolIn life, nothing is certain. There are some kids with high grades in school that we expect a lot from but grow up to live mediocre lives, and there are those who we think won’t go far but end up becoming game changers. The late Steve Jobs is an example, we all know he was a college dropout when he started working with Atari. A miniaturization competition project paired him with Steve Wozniak and from there they eventually started a company that was to become the giant industry shaker known as Apple Inc. Read More

Apple Rumored to Release New Colored iPhone 5S in July

coloripodThe buzz of what will be coming for this year from Apple has been making the rounds on the internet for some time. The latest of it involves the release of the new colored versions of the iPhone 5S in July. Ming-Chi Kou, an analyst at KGI Securities made some of the predictions and he has been right in his predictions of Apple’s moves in the past. It is predicted Apple will roll out the iPhone 5S, cheaper iPhone versions and fingerprint identification technology to go with them in July. There are also hints that the new iPhone will come in different colors with a casing made of anodized aluminum but it could be that the cheaper version will be the one getting the colorful casings in plastic; it is cheap to produce colorful plastic casings. Read More

Apple Holds 39% of the US Smartphone Market: Another Victory for Apple

iphoneDespite the recent news of Apple’s probable fall due to the lowered value of Apple stocks as well as news that the company is being overtaken by Android based smartphones in the world market, Apple still holds its ground in the US. According to ComScore, Apple holds 39% of the US smartphone market showing that despite the issues that plagued the company the past few months, it is still going strong. Read More

Apple Planning To Raise $17 Billion To Fund $100B Capital Return Program

Apple MoneyIt is both interesting and weird to hear that Apple, a currently debt free company with about $144.7B cash balance, would be interested to raise $17B. If the sole reason for this action is to help fund the $100 billion capital return program, the company certainly has more than enough cash to fund it. The main reason why Apple is planning to raise $17 billion to fund the capital return program is that the bulk of the cash Apple has is held by overseas subsidiaries. Read More