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Edit Videos On Android With KineMaster (Review)

kinemasterKineMaster for Android, developed by NexStreaming Corp, provides you with the ability to edit your videos quickly and effectively. KineMaster is filled with efficient video editing tools that make your video editing experience a whole lot better. Read More

A Creepy Live Wallpaper, Haunted House HD for Android (Review)

hauntedhouseHaunted House HD is a spooky and creepy Live Wallpaper application that transforms your Android smartphone into a Halloween perk. Developed by Dualboot Games, who are well praised for their live wallpapers, Haunted House HD allows you to roam a completely haunted mansion right from your smartphone. Read More

Google Acquires Bitspin, Company Behind Popular Alarm App ‘Timely’


Google has just acquired Bitspin, the company behind the largely popular Android alarm clock App, ‘Timely.‘ The announcement was made a few hours ago by Bitspin on its website: Read More

Alien Assault Tower Defense TD Is A 16 Bit Style Game {REVIEW}

alienassaultAlien Assault Tower Defense TD, developed by smrtTech, provides a unique gameplay that is equally fun and addicting. Featuring multiple difficulty levels and defense techniques, Alien Assault Tower Defense TD is a must to play game. Read More

EyeSpy Hidden Objects Quest for Android Review

eyespyEyeSpy, developed by Rojo SEA, is a unique adventurous app that takes away every tiny bit of processing power your brain can achieve in just one minute. Fun for both young and old, EyeSpy is fun, mentally engaging and demanding game. Read More

DioNote for Android Takes Handwriting To The Next Level

dianoteDionote, developed by Diotek, is a very dynamic and intriguing app that allows users to create notes not only by typing but also using their handwriting without any problems. Dionote includes two types of modes for creating notes or memos. First is ‘Entry Mode’ and the second is ‘Canvas Mode’. Read More

App Downloads Will Cross 102 Billion This Year, Gartner Research Shows

App Downloads - GartnerAccording to a new research by Gartner, global App downloads will exceed 102 billion this year. 90% of these App downloads are made from Apple’s App Store on iOS, and Google’s Play Store on Android. These downloads will lead to over $26 billion in revenue from applications. Read More

Review – City Of Splendors for Android and iOS

cityofsplendorsCity of Splendors is a 3D MMO or, particularly, MMORPG action style game that is compatible across all iOS devices and Android devices. City of Splendors is wildly immersive and takes players into a complete fantasy world of their own and it is one of its kind. Read More

Any.DO Developers Release Cal, A Smart Calendar App Designed With Love


The minds behind the popular To-Do App, ‘Any.DO,’ just released their new calendar App, called ‘Cal.’ Cal is part of their new ‘App Family,’ which contains Any.DO, Cal, and two more upcoming apps, Mail and Memo.

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