Apple Removes All 3G Based Devices Except For iPhone 4S From German Online Store

German Apple StoreEarlier this week Apple’s online Store in Germany appeared to have removed all of their devices with 3G technology, with the exception of the iPhone 4S. This was done due to the conflict with legal patent rights with the company, Motorola. This operation has been formally named ‘December injunction’. Despite this, German iPhone and iPad customers will still be able to pick up these 3G based devices in an official Apple Store and from an authorized re-seller. Read More

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All About Personal Hotspot in iOS And How To Use It

personal hotspotsInternet tethering has been a function that many smartphones have been able to perform for a couple of years now. But Apple left the option to use internet tethering out of iOS, until the release of iOS 4.3 which was released to the masses in March 2011. Dubbed “Personal Hotspot”, it was well welcomed in the iOS community, but what is Personal Hotspot? This article will explain all you need to know about Personal Hotspot, and why you should (or shouldn’t) use Apple’s implementation of internet tethering. Read More