Should I get an iPad or not – Confusion Confounded no More

Apple accepts preorders for the iPad or you could even reserve one. But if you are confused or are in a dilemma whether to get one or not, then take a look at this list.

Yes, I want one because

1. It has a large 9.7 inch display with IPS technology, multitouch display,LED-backlit glossy widescreen and Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating.

2. It is a content creation device. You could work on your iWork documents, paint with brushes etc.

3. It is a perfect replacement for the kindle. You could buy books from the iBooks store.

4. The best way to experience the web – sans flash.

5. A great display for watching HD Movies, photos , videos and reading books.

6. Has amazing accessories including a keyboard dock, camera connector and an elegant cover.

7. A revised iPhone OS.

8. Apple’s A4 chip which enhances the speed and improves performance.

9. 150000 apps and counting. Apps add so much fun to the device. Games further add to the capability of the device.

10. It is extremely light and thin.

11. I know how to operate on it as I already own an iPod Touch/iPhone.

12. It integrates well with my Mac. I could use iPhoto on it.

13. I could customize its looks.

14. It has Bluetooth.

15. It combines your iPod Touch/iPhone and your Kindle.. It is an all in one device.

16. It is perfect for bloggers and podcasters.

17. There is going to be a huge rush of developers and I see a new market emerging.

Nah, I don’t need one because

1. It is not a complete netbook.

2. I am much more comfortable with a hardware keyboard.

3. It does not have support for wired internet connections.

4. It does not have an inbuilt camera.

5. The screen size is small for me.

6. I already own an iPhone/iPod Touch and a Kindle, so i dont need one.

7. It is not extremely portable. I cannot jog with it, run with it, eat with it etc.

8. It does not support multitasking.

9. It has iPhone OS and not Mac OS.

10. I’ll wait for reviews and maybe go for the 2nd Gen.

11. Maybe I’ll go with Microsoft Courier.

12. The WiFi+3G version is too costly for a tablet.

13. Typing’s gonna be weird. I need to keep it on a stable surface and then I could use both my hands. I cannot type while I’m on the go.

14. It is definitely not the best way to surf the web. It does not support flash.

15. The name sucks.

In any case , an iPad would be a good buy.