2 Million Indian Developers Will Be Trained By Google


Google launched a new program on Monday which promises to train about 2 million developers in India on Android, their flagship operating system. The program is  a 3 years program which will enable developers to launch their own innovative mobile applications for Android. This would enable India to have the largest developer population of about 4 million developers by 2018 by overtaking the US. Read More

Apple Music Gets An Update For Android


Apple has recently released an update for Apple Music which promises to fix several bugs on the Android platform. The new update fixes issues with Playback and issues with sorting the playlist. The new version of Apple Music has been jumped up to version 0.9.11 and can be downloaded from Google Play. Apple music is only one of the two Apps that currently available for android devices, the other one being Move To iOS. Read More

A Great Way To Explore Tivoli Gardens – Tivoli Puzzle


Tivoli Puzzle is a game which has been developed by Pointvoucher.com and is fairly based on the world famous Tivoli Garden, the amusement park in Copenhagen, Denmark. The game basically offers a Match3 type of gameplay and offers real rewards after each game. These rewards or vouchers can be used in real time to buy products and services both in and out of the Tivoli Garden Amusement Park. Read More

Apple Introduces A New Variant For The iPhone 7


In recent revelations, Apple has announced to completely remove the 16 GB and 64 Gb variants for the iPhone 7. This may be a good thing for consumers as the iPhone 7 will now be $100 cheaper than what it was announced earlier. The device will now only come in 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB, the 32 GB one being the new entry model for the flagship device. This news has certainly turned some heads towards Apple after Wall Street Journal confirmed it. Read More

Apple Launches 4 Types of Emoji For iOS 10 Beta


Apple has launched emoji packs for the users who are using iOS 10 beta, the emoji packs are available on iTunes in form of Apps. The tech giant has launched four types of emoji which includes– Smileys, Hearts, Hands and Classic Mac. The stickers in Smileys, Hearts & Hands pack are inspired from WatchOS animated emoji, while the Classic Mac pack consists of Macintosh icons created by graphic designer Susan Kare.

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An Interview With Read – Kids Learn To Read & Write In 20 Easy Lessons

Teaching your kids how to read and write seems to be a very difficult job because kids don’t like to sit in one place to read or write something, they want everything to be quite playful and fun. To tackle this problem of parents “Read” is an epic tool, this App will teach your kids how to read and write in just 20 lessons and that to in a very interesting and joyful way. This App is designed to help kindergarten and elementary school age children (4–8 years of age) to learn how to read in a very innovative and fun way. It also has optimal adaptability to the child’s pace of learning. The App even consists of natural-sounding voices in a variety of accents (American, British….) so that the kids can easily learn how to pronounce. TheAppleGoogle had a talk with Olivier, who told some incredible things about Read. Here’s what he had to say: Read More

Android N Official Name Revealed – “Android Nougat”


Google has finally revealed official name of Android N, and it is called “Android Nougat”. There were rumors that Android N will be called ‘Nutella’, even the tech giant poked people with this suggestion. In Google I/O, the company also launched a website asking for suggestions for the name of Android N from people across the globe. They even setup a naming format so that people could come up with names according to that format. Google didn’t wait for Google I/O 2016 to reveal the name, because this will give time to developers to improve the Android update.

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Google Maps Roll Out Multiple Destinations Feature In Single Trip For Android Phones



Google has come up with a new feature in Google Maps which lets you navigate to multiple destinations simultaneously when you want to look for directions in your android. Before this feature, if you wanted to look for other destinations during an ongoing navigation trip on your android phone then you had to close that ongoing trip and then start a new navigation trip.

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An Interview With BitCam

bitcam logoBitCam is a digital camera used in mini pocket computer back in 1996, Iconfactory came up with the App because they wanted to celebrate company’s 20th anniversary in fun yet different way. The App’s design has a black & white interface because color graphics support weren’t that common in that time. The App developers have made sure that you get the retro feel with lots of fun like–When you pan your camera around, the display doesn’t changes at 60fps, it does so in bulky and thick way to give an evocative look, like it was in digital camera of mini pocket computer back then. TheAppleGoogle had a talk with Ged, who told some amazing facts and stories about BitCam. Here’s what he had to say: Read More

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Singapore Becomes The First Country In Asia To Get Android Pay

android pay

Google launched its mobile payment system- ‘Android Pay’ in Singapore on 28th June(Tuesday) , that makes Singapore the first country in Asia to get this service. Android Pay is already available in the US and the UK, this is a contactless smartphone payment system. The services can be used at any store in Singapore, which accepts contactless credit card system. Most android users in Singapore will be able to connect their credit cards with their smartphones and use it for transactions.

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