Agnitus – Touch Enabled Learning App For 2-6 Year Olds

agnitusAgnitus is an interactive App for children in their early years. The App uses smart progression based technology to support child’s learning activities. It focuses on building the fundamental skills in reading, writing and mathematics. The App understands a child’s personality, and gives a personalized learning experience. Progress report is tracked and shared with parents on a regular basis with tips on how parents can help build their child’s potential. Read More

Google Smartwatch To Debut At Google I/O In June (RUMOR)

smartwatchAs reported by @evleaks, Google is ready to step into the Smartwatch market and this long rumored entry may just come true at this year’s Google I/O in June with help from the folks at LG. Read More

Challenge Your Vocabulary With Letroca for iOS and Android

letrocaQuite a lot of us are in constant desire to pick up new words and use them often. Letroca word game gives you a challenge to remember as many of those words again. It gives you a few alphabets and all you have to do is make as many word combinations using the letters available. It doesn’t limit you to the alphabet count while jumbling. Make as many three letter, four letter and so on words (yes, meaningful!) depending on the total alphabets given. Read More

Apple’s New Security Update – iOS 7.0.6

ios7096Apple released its new update iOS 7.0.6 today which addresses a major SSL i.e. Secure Socket Layer issue. SSL encrypts the internet traffic, without it in place your activities online are exposed. The software initially had problems validating the authenticity of the connection, which has been fixed with the new update. This will avoid hackers from obtaining this data and making any changes to it. Read More

TripTrap For iOS — Warning: It’s Addictive!

TripTrapTripTrap for iOS is a delightful new puzzler by Duello Games. It’s a deceptively challenging game which would initially lead you to believe that you could master it in no time. Well, how hard can it be to get a mouse into its hole, you ask. A lot harder than it looks, especially if you want the hungry mouse to eat all those delicious pieces of cheese as well. Read More

New Apple Store to Open In Lansing, Michigan

applestoreAccording to new documents, Apple is planning on opening up its second Official Apple Retail Store in Lansing, Michigan. The venue for the opening is set to be Eastwood Towne Center. Read More

Interview With Originator Inc. — Creators of Endless Alphabet

Endless AlphabetEndless Alphabet by Originator Inc. has proven to be one of the most successful Apps for children. TheAppleGoogle featured it in our Top 5 Educational Apps for Children. Greatly praised by parents for its fun take on learning new words, Endless Alphabet combines fantastic animation, bright colours and great sound effects to keep the kids interested. Other Apps by Originator, like Endless Reader and Mr Potato Head Create & Play have also met with similar success. TheAppleGoogle spoke to Rex O. Ishibashi, CEO of Originator, about the popularity of their Apps, their inspiration and much more, and even got a sneak peek of a new App. Read More

Kickstart Your Songwriting With Hum For iOS

HumMost budding songwriters will attest to the fact that there is a dearth of songwriting Apps on the App Store. So far these artists have been making do with combining Voice Memos and Notes. But now Hum is here to make their experience better. Hum is the creation of three people who are singer, songwriters and instrumentalists themselves, which means they know what you’re looking for in a songwriting App. Read More

WhatsApp Acquired By Facebook For $19B


In a remarkable turn of events, Facebook has paid $19 billion to acquire WhatsApp. $16B will be paid in cash and stock, according to a regulatory filing. $12B worth of Facebook shares will be given, $4 billion in cash and an additional $3 billion in RSUs for employee retention. Read More

Solutionist For iPhone — Get Efficient With Your Calculations

SolutionistCalling Solutionist just a calculator would not only be misleading but also an underestimation. Solutionist by Dominic Francis is a powerful tool which makes everyday calculations simpler and incredibly efficient. A formula-based tool, it allows you to save any kind and number of formulae that you may need to refer to from time to time. Read More