Take Pictures With Your Android Wear Watch

google cameraThe Google Camera App has received an update with a useful feature that you can take advantage of with your Android Wear Smartwatch. The update adds the functionality for your Smartwatch to act as a remote trigger for the camera. Read More

Measure Distances On Google Maps

google maps

The desktop version of Google Maps has just been updated with a new and much needed feature, measuring distances. You will now be able to measure distances between two points, or along a route. Read More

Appy Discovery — A Way to Discover New Apps (Review)

appyOver time, you will notice that the Play Store seems to throw the same Apps at you over and over again. Even after searching, you may not find what you were looking for in the Play Store. The repeating App suggestions can become frustrating. However, Appy Discovery might be the answer you were looking for. Developed by Paul Brice, Appy Discovery allows you to quickly discover a new App, especially betting and gambling ones, in an effortless and safe manner.  Read More

Google Removes Sony Z Ultra, LG G Pad 8.3 And HTC One Google Play Editions

google play

Google has just removed three devices that were offered as vanilla Google Play Editions: the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, the LG G Pad 8.3, and the 2013 HTC One. These devices have been removed from the Google Play Edition page and also from the official support page. Read More

How To Make The Most Of Google Maps

mapsGoogle Maps is one of the most powerful and useful Apps on your android phone. The App has incredible features which makes getting directions, searching for locations, and finding your way around a place extremely easy. Now, with some of the lesser-known features mentioned in this article, you can enhance your experience and get more out of Google Maps than just navigating from one place to another. Read More

Tim Cook Looking For A New Board of Directors

Tim Cook

A recent report published by The Wall Street Journal talks about the profile of Apple CEO Tim Cook as he shapes “his” company Apple. The report talks about Tim Cook’s plan to hire a new Board of Directors. Read More

iOS 8 Beta 3 Includes Wi-Fi Calling Feature

iOS 8

T-Mobile iPhones running Apple’s latest iOS 8 beta 3 software will now have Wi-Fi calling as a selectable option. iOS 8 beta 3 was released yesterday alongside OS X 10.10 Yosemite developer preview build. Read More

Rumoured iPhone 6 Display Undergoes Tough Tests

Marques Brownlee uploaded a new video on YouTube that takes the next-gen iPhone screen through a durability test. The video shows Brownlee bending the flexible sapphire panel and trying his best to scratch it with a set of keys and knife. Read More

NASA Will Send 3D Sensing Project Tango Phones Into Space

project tango

On the 11th of July, Project Tango, Google’s 3D Sensing phone, will be sent into space by NASA. The phone uses multiple cameras and sensors to create a fully three dimensional map of its surroundings. The phones will power and control NASA’s Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites (SPHERES) robots on the International Space Station. Read More

Sprint’s LG G Flex Updated With Wi-Fi Calling And More

LG G FlexThe LG G Flex on Sprint has received an update with a few added features, bug fixes and improvements. Most notably, it adds WiFi calling, allowing you to call people over a home or work Wi-Fi network, rather than your carrier network. Read More