5 Yosemite Annoyances and Fixes

yosemiteA couple of weeks ago we published an article on the best Yosemite features of which there are many. Yosemite has brought with it great new updates which has helped a lot of users. However, like any product, even if it is Apple’s, it has flaws; minor issues which may annoy some people. But there are also ways around these. In this article we list 5 Yosemite annoyances and how to fix them. Read More

Apple Breaks Market Cap Record With $700 Billion


Image Credit: 9To5Mac

With its stock price reaching almost $120 per share, Apple’s market capitalisation now stands at over $700 billion, more than any other company’s market cap in the history of trading. This momentous milestone comes two months after Apple was voted the most valuable company and just under two weeks after its market cap crossed the $660 billion mark, its highest since 2012. Read More

Apple Supports World AIDS Day With Apps For RED

redIn 2006 Apple began its support for RED — a charity founded by Bono to eradicate AIDS in Africa — by donating $10 for every iPod Nano Red edition it sold. The partnership has continued to grow strong with Apple contributing $75 million to the charity so far. And again, this year, Apple has announced a new section in the App Store — Apps for (RED) — and will donate the proceeds to the global fund to fight AIDS. Read More

Zimly – The Ultimate Home Cloud Service

zimlyAre you looking for a way to view and share your home media but don’t want to spend money on expensive Wi-Fi hard drives and costly subscription cloud storage service? Zimly to the rescue! Zimly is the new cloud based home media sharing service from Nomad Connection. This innovative app eliminates the need for third party storage and pricey gear, and turns your home computer into a streaming machine! Read More

Facebook Launches “Facebook Groups” For iPhone

Facebook groupsEveryone who uses Facebook has at least a few different groups they network with. What you share with your friends isn’t always fit for viewing by your family. Photos of your Thanksgiving Dinner isn’t something you’d necessarily want to share with your cycling group. And although using the “Groups” feature isn’t that difficult on the Facebook App, Facebook has made it even easier to access Groups for iPhone users with its new App, Facebook Groups. Read More

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