How To Tether Your iPad To A Wi-Fi Hotspot

TetherIf you have an iPad which is not 3G/4G compatible then surfing the internet on the go isn’t easy. Also, not every hotel, café or restaurant has Wi-Fi. And if they do you almost always have to pay for it. But if you also own an iPhone you can turn it into a Wi-Fi hotspot and tether your iPad to it. Below are the steps on how to achieve this. Read More

CarPlay By Apple Is Now Officially Live


Apple today officially announced its in-car integration feature named ‘CarPlay’ which allows drivers “a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in the car”. Expected to launch later this year, Apple today revealed features at the Geneva International Motor Show. Read More

Across Age 2 — Bigger And Better Exciting Sequel To The Popular RPG

Across AgeIf you are a RPG fan you must have played the original Across Age action-adventure game released almost three years ago. You may have even battled your way through the dungeons and succeeded in defeating Count Agraen and destroying the Water Clock. But if you think that was the end, think again. FDG Entertainment has recently released the much-awaited sequel, Across Age 2, which is bigger and better with a fantastic new plot. Read More

Top 5 E-mail Clients For Mac

Mail ClientThe Mail client on Mac OS X has come under a lot of criticism lately. Users complained about its complicated interface and bumpy integration with other mail providers. After the update some users were mollified, but others are still not happy with the usability of the Mail client. We, at TheAppleGoogle, have done some research in alternative mail clients for Mac and present to you our five favourites. Read More

Apple Developer Site Introduces App Design Tips For iOS 7


The Apple Developer Website has just been updated with tips and advice for designers looking to create Apps for iOS 7 powered devices. Read More

Globo – New Minimalistic World Clock App from Developer of ‘Amount’


From the developer behind the popular and minimalistic iOS conversion App, Amount, comes yet another aesthetically pleasing and useful App, Globo, a world clock.

Read More

Noreve Leather Case For iPad Air — A Review

NoreveNoreve is famous for its luxury cases for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and much more. The cases are sleek, elegant and have a handcrafted quality. Recently, Noreve brought out the Apple iPad Air leather case: Tradition-9106T. Sturdy and robust, the 9106T makes for a handsome case which also provides full protection of the tablet. Read More

Disney Magic For iOS Users – Disney Movies Anywhere

disneyWith the digital release of its latest movie Frozen, Disney also announced the launch of its App, “Disney Movie Anywhere”. Disney Movies Anywhere allows users to store and stream digital versions of Disney, Marvel or Pixar movies they’ve purchased online or a physical purchase. Select physical purchases that come with codes, can also be entered into Disney Movies Anywhere to unlock digital copies and their extra features. Read More

Bomb Survivor For iOS — Can You Run Fast Enough To Escape The Bombs?

Bomb SurvivorBomb Survivor for iOS is a recent addition to the App Store collection of games. As the name suggests it’s a survival game with an old-style look. It puts you in the shoes of a soldier who’s running to save his life as planes zoom overhead dropping bombs at him. Do you think you can run fast enough? Read More

King Withdraws Application To Trademark ‘Candy’ In The US


According to a report by Kotaku, the developer behind Candy Crush Saga, ‘King’, has just announced a ceasefire in its fight to trademark the word ‘Candy’ in the United States of America. On Monday, they had allegedly withdrawn the application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for trademarking the word “Candy”. Read More