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MK61+ Is A Programmable RPN Calculator for iPhone, And Very Advanced

MK61+ is a new iPhone App that gives you the power and functions of a RPN calculator right on your iPhone. Reverse Polish Notion is a mathematical calculation in which the operator follows the digit rather than being in between them. It is based on the Electronika MK 61 calculator, which is why the name “MK61+“. Read More

Perform Stunts and Entertain Yourself in MegaStunt Mayhem Pro for iOS

MegaStunt Mayhem Pro is a great game. It is extremely thrilling and interesting. The game is developed by Level Eight AB and the Pro version can be downloaded for $2.99, although there is a free version also available. MegaStunt Mayhem Pro has got phenomenal graphics and it looks stunning on a retina display. Read More

iTunes Match Now Available for Developers [VIDEO]

Apple announced iTunes Match at WWDC 11. iTunes Match is a new service stores your complete music library in iCloud, allowing you to enjoy your collection anywhere, anytime, on any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or computer. Apple will be offering the service later this year for a fee of $25/year, but the developer preview version has been released today. Read More

Steve Jobs Resigns As Apple CEO

steve jobsI had a tear in my eye when I read this one. Steve Jobs, the dynamic and visionary Apple CEO has resigned from the company he founded in a garage. The story is developing, and for now here is the letter from the man himself. We’ll miss you on stage, Steve, and wish you could go on and on. You changed so many of our lives, and we just can’t thank you enough for that. Read More

Turn your Table Into A Controller, Replicate Beats, and Have Fun in Beat Monster for iOS

beat monsterBeat Monster by MudPieStudios is an incredible memory based game in which you’ve got to hear the drum beat played, and replicate the exact same beat with the perfect combination of timing and preciseness. The games includes multiple levels, and although it appears easy at first sight, it does get tough as you progress. You need to memorize the drum beats including the timing gap between two consecutive drum beats, and then replicate the beat exactly in the same manner. Read More

Review – ReAuthored Case for iPad

reauthored tries to develop innovative and creative cases for the iPad that combine the values of a book, helps enrich the environment, and also acts like a case for iPad. The ReAtuhored case for iPad 2 is designed like a book, and is more of a book rather than a case for the magical device. The case has a nice cover that is apparently made up of recycled material. Read More