Apple’s Health Icon Sucks

HealthOne would think that a company who revolutionised the smartphone industry, produces the bestselling tablets in the world, and recently boasted about its Metal API could have come up with a slightly better logo for its Health App. A red heart! Apple could have done better if they had hosted a logo competition in a primary school, for an eight-year old could have thought of something far more exciting than a heart. If it weren’t for the explanatory “Health” below the icon, one could easily mistake it for a Dating App. So what really went wrong? Read More

Apple To Launch The New iPad Air In October

ipad airIt was speculated that Apple will host another special event in October to unveil its new iPads. According to Taiwan’s Commercial Times, Apple has started preparing for the event in which it will introduce the new iPad Air. There is still no substantial news regarding the specific date of the event. It is also expected that Apple will roll out OS X 10.10 Yosemite in October.  Read More

Apple Releases Two New iPhone 6 Ads

After releasing ‘Health’ and ‘Duo’ iPhone 6 Ads featuring Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake on September 9, Apple has launched two new iPhone 6 ads ‘Huge’ and ‘Cameras’ featuring the same stars. The ad ‘Huge’ focuses on the comparative large sizes of both iPhone 6 models and ‘Cameras’ showcases the new features of of the camera in both devices. In ‘Huge’ Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake talk about how big the two new phones are. During the conversation, Fallon links ‘Huge’ to various features and Timberlake links it to the size of the phone. Read More

LG G3 Vigor (S/Beat) To Arrive At AT&T On 26th September

G3 VigorLG’s mid-range G3-esque phone, the G3 Vigor (also known as the G3 S or Beat), will be available at AT&T this Friday. Off contract, you will be able to snag the device for a reasonable $335 or on a two year contract for $50. The AT&T ‘Next’ plans will set you back $13.96 every month should you choose the Next 18 plan, and $16.75 for the Next 12 plan. Read More

Spider-Man Unlimited For iOS — Be A Superhero (Review)

spider-man unlimitedSpider-Man is back! Comic-giants Marvel and world-renowned game developers, Gameloft have once again brought Spidey back into action; this time round with Spider-Man Unlimited. To add icing to the cake, the game includes a new horde of Marvel-based villains, codenamed the “Sinister Six” who have opened a dimensional portal to bring different versions of their heinous-selves into  our world. The game features SHIELD and Marvel Comic idols like Nick Fury, Black Cat and Mary Jane, as well as a vast choice of Spider-Man avatars such as the Cosmic Spider-Man, Iron Spider and Scarlet Spider to bring you a stunning, web-slinging and runner game. Read More

iPhone 6 Performing Better Than iPhone 6 Plus

iphone 6Mobile analytics firm MixPanel has revealed data that gives the adoption trend of both the recently launched iPhones. According to the graph, with the logging hits it seems 4.7-inch iPhone 6 model is performing better than the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus by a good number. iPhone 6 Plus has claimed about 0.49% of hits in the MixPanel’s survey, while the iPhone 6 version has achieved an impressive 2.28%. Read More

Gold Apple Watch Priced At $5000

apple watch

Early next year, Apple will be launching Apple Watch, the starting price of which was announced to be $349. Apple has classified these watches under three style segments: ‘Watch,’ which will be a standard watch with stainless steel case; ‘Watch Sport,’ which will be in light weight aluminium case; and ‘Watch Edition,’ which would come in 18-karat gold case. The Apple Watch sub site describes Watch Edition as

The Edition collection features six uniquely elegant expressions of Apple Watch. Each has a watch case crafted from 18-carat gold that our metallurgists have developed to be up to twice as hard as standard gold. The display is protected by polished sapphire crystal. And an exquisitely designed strap provides a striking complement.

Read More

Apple CEO Tim Cook Will Attend The WSJDLive


This October The Wall Street Journal will host a technology conference WSJDLive which will be attended by many top executives, including Apple CEO Tim Cook. WSJDLive will start on 27th October and will continue until 29th October at Montage in Laguna Beach, CA. Former Wall Street employees, Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, in the past hosted the ‘D conference’. WSJDLive seems to be a continuation of the D conference, as Mossberg and Swisher left to form a new company which hosts technology conference called ‘Code Conference’. The last code conference was held in May and was attended by Apple executives besides many other company executives. Read More

Epic Zen Garden For iOS — A Taste Of iOS 8 (Review)

epic zen gardenEpic Zen Garden is an App built to demonstrate the magnificence and exquisiteness of Apple’s iOS 8. Developed by Epic Games and powered by Unreal Engine 4, the App was featured in Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference back in June to exhibit unmatched graphical superiority of Unreal Engine 4 using Apple’s new, low-level rendering Metal API. Read More

Stealth For iOS — Play The Assassin (Review)

stealthStealth is a captivating stealth and action-based game that features a female assassin on a rescue mission to free imprisoned members of her clan. The App Store has been in dire need of an exciting, top-of-the class stealth game. With Stealth now available for download after 18 months of development, Nicolas Liatti, the App’s developer, has done the App Store a big favour. Codenamed “Project S” during its inception stage, Stealth is undeniably a game that lives up to its name! Read More