Tribeway for Android – Revolutionized Photo-Sharing Experience (Review)


Great news for lovers of photography!! In what amounts to an innovative way of thinking about photo-sharing, Tribeway brings to the Android platform quite a unique experience. This App aimed at interactive sharing is all set to change the experience of sharing photos as you would be able to carry on real time interaction over the photos you click. So go for live interaction with your friends as you show them the picture. Read More

Apple Won’t Announce Subscription Based TV Service At WWDC

Apple TVIn what could be a huge disappointment for TV viewers, Apple will not launch their streaming TV service this June at the annual developers conference, WWDC. They will have to wait a little longer to ditch their cable as Apple plans to make the big announcement later this year or in 2016. But the new service is most definitely coming and quite soon as Apple has TV Executives lined up to sign a deal with them. Read More

Google Launches App For Apple Watch

Google has jumped on to deliver Apps for Apple Watch users. The company’s Google News and Weather will be the first App from Google to hit the Apple Watch platform. Users can instantly read all important news on their watch and quickly get a glimpse of the weather for any location. Read More

Beast Towers – A Really Interesting Tower Defense Game

Beast TowersBeast Towers is a new game available for iOS and Android – making its mark in the popular “tower defense” category. The game has a nice concept and good graphics that make it highly entertaining. The controls are easy to handle and there is 3D level graphics that go along very well. The concept? Humans are attacking your castle and you need to make sure your beasts don’t let them. Read More

Apple Has $194 Billion In The Bank

Apple CashApple is easily the world’s most valuable company with a bank balance of $194 billion. Apple has more money than any other company. The $194 billion is the sum you get when you add up the cash, short term marketable securities, long term marketable securities and cash equivalents. At an earnings call today, Apple announced that they will also be increasing their “Capital Return Program” to $200 billion – more than 50%. This allows Apple to buyback shares and dividends to return cash to shareholders. Read More

Update WhatsApp On Your iOS Today And Get Free Calling

WhatsApp Calling

WhatsApp has just released an update for its iOS version that now adds voice calling. Voice calling has been available for Android users for a long time now, but Apple iOS users can make use of this as well. Very soon, this will be how everyone will call each other. Both parties need to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed to use voice calling. The new voice calling feature is rolling out slowly. Read More