Disco Zoo For iOS — Dancing With Animals!

Disco ZooAfter the success of their other Apps like Tiny Tower and Nimble Quest, NimbleBit has recently released another free game on the App Store — Disco Zoo. It’s a unique twist on the usual farming-style Apps with exotic, dancing animals! And it’s a game that is going to excite adults and children alike. If you’ve enjoyed other offerings by NimbleBit you’re sure to like Disco Zoo. Read More

Apple To Introduce Full Screen iAds


According to a report by AdAge, Apple plans to bring full screen iAds to iPhone and iPad Apps. The ads will allegedly be in the form of interstitials, and for a few seconds, will completely take over your device screen real estate and display the ad. Read More

Siri Will Be Upgraded For Third Party App Integration


According to a report by The Information, Apple is developing a revamped version of Siri that will interconnect and link to other third party Apps. So far, Apple has made deals with services like Yelp and OpenTable for Siri integration, but apparently, Apple aims to eventually make Siri compatible with every third party application. Read More

Tim Cook To Visit Turkey For Apple Store Opening Ceremony

Tim Cook TurkeyAs we reported a few months ago, Istanbul will be home to Turkey’s first official Apple Store. Now, reports are coming in that Apple CEO, Tim Cook, will be making an appearance along with President Abdullah Gül, at the opening ceremony. Read More

In Fear I Trust — When Nothing Is Left Would You Trust Fear?

In Fear I TrustImagine waking up and finding yourself in a cell. You don’t know how you got there or who brought you there. You don’t remember anything. And all you find, as you begin to explore, are chilling remnants of the past. In Fear I Trust is a brand new game by Chillingo Ltd — creator of the award-winning game Cut The Rope — which provides a unique, exciting and thoroughly scary experience. Read More

Mercedes-Benz Will Offer Android Based In-Car Systems Once They Are Available


In January, Google announced and founded the Open Automotive Alliance, which was a collection of automobile giants working to integrate Android’s in car systems in their upcoming car models. Read More

Mercedes-Benz and Volvo Display CarPlay In New Models


Right on cue with the announcement of Apple’s in-car iOS powered system called CarPlay, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo have just given us a glimpse of what this system will really look like in action. Read More

How To Tether Your iPad To A Wi-Fi Hotspot

TetherIf you have an iPad which is not 3G/4G compatible then surfing the internet on the go isn’t easy. Also, not every hotel, café or restaurant has Wi-Fi. And if they do you almost always have to pay for it. But if you also own an iPhone you can turn it into a Wi-Fi hotspot and tether your iPad to it. Below are the steps on how to achieve this. Read More

CarPlay By Apple Is Now Officially Live


Apple today officially announced its in-car integration feature named ‘CarPlay’ which allows drivers “a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in the car”. Expected to launch later this year, Apple today revealed features at the Geneva International Motor Show. Read More

Across Age 2 — Bigger And Better Exciting Sequel To The Popular RPG

Across AgeIf you are a RPG fan you must have played the original Across Age action-adventure game released almost three years ago. You may have even battled your way through the dungeons and succeeded in defeating Count Agraen and destroying the Water Clock. But if you think that was the end, think again. FDG Entertainment has recently released the much-awaited sequel, Across Age 2, which is bigger and better with a fantastic new plot. Read More