Android L To Be launched By November 1, Nexus 9 In Mid-October

Android LWhile Android L and the new Nexus devices are scheduled to be on display in mid-October of this year, the final workable version of Android L will not be available until November 1, according to a report by Android Authority. On September 18, it was rumored on Twitter that Nexus 9 might be available from October 16. The rumours, combined with a tweet from the Android blogger Paul O’Brien, made the date of release seem authentic. Moreover, there might be new phone hardware and a “new software initiative” which refers to the final release of Android L. Read More

The iPhone 6 Plus Could Bend In Your Pocket


Besides people posting videos on YouTube showing how easily an iPhone 6 Plus bends, the internet is full of articles that discuss the strength of the phone. The videos specifically show how easily, with a slight pressure applied from both ends, the shape of the phone can be deformed. In fact, to make it more interesting a YouTube user has posted a video that checks whether a Samsung phone of a similar size also bends. Read More

How Thick Is The Apple Watch?

Apple WatchEverytime Apple launches a new product, the critics in the market have mixed views, with some standing by the product and with others finding reasons to say the product is not so great. Again, as Apple plans to launch its Watch, critics are finding reasons to say it’s not as unique as it should have been. So what’s the problem this time? According to the critics, the Apple Watch is quite thick and not sleek like the recently launched Apple products or other companies’ products that are coming out in the market. Read More

Apple Has Acquired iPad Magazine Publishing Company PRSS


Apple has recently acquired digital magazine company Prss. Prss is a Dutch startup company and has made a web App to create iPad compatible magazines through its platform that does not require any coding knowledge. The news about acquisition was first reported by Dutch blog iCulture which was unsure about the acquisition, but the news was later confirmed by Apple:

Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.

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New Print Ad “Actual Sizes” For iPhone 6


The back of Rolling Stones magazine is carrying a new print ad from Apple. The ad shows the actual sizes of the two new iPhones, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The tagline of the ad reads “Actual Sizes” and would give the people, who have not yet seen the new phones, a better idea of how big the models are, hopefully tempting them to switch from their old phones. Read More

Torturing An iPhone 6

While some people stood in long queues to be the first ones to own the recently launched iPhone 6 to start flaunting and using its unique and awesome features, there were some who wanted it early just to see how robust it is. These users have tortured their iPhone 6 to extreme limits which we don’t even do with our rejected phones. Here is a collection of videos in which we can see people abusing their iPhone 6 by sinking it in water, dropping it from a height, freezing it in liquid nitrogen and crushing it with a hammer.

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Apple’s Health Icon Sucks

HealthOne would think that a company who revolutionised the smartphone industry, produces the bestselling tablets in the world, and recently boasted about its Metal API could have come up with a slightly better logo for its Health App. A red heart! Apple could have done better if they had hosted a logo competition in a primary school, for an eight-year old could have thought of something far more exciting than a heart. If it weren’t for the explanatory “Health” below the icon, one could easily mistake it for a Dating App. So what really went wrong? Read More

Apple To Launch The New iPad Air In October

ipad airIt was speculated that Apple will host another special event in October to unveil its new iPads. According to Taiwan’s Commercial Times, Apple has started preparing for the event in which it will introduce the new iPad Air. There is still no substantial news regarding the specific date of the event. It is also expected that Apple will roll out OS X 10.10 Yosemite in October.  Read More

Apple Releases Two New iPhone 6 Ads

After releasing ‘Health’ and ‘Duo’ iPhone 6 Ads featuring Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake on September 9, Apple has launched two new iPhone 6 ads ‘Huge’ and ‘Cameras’ featuring the same stars. The ad ‘Huge’ focuses on the comparative large sizes of both iPhone 6 models and ‘Cameras’ showcases the new features of of the camera in both devices. In ‘Huge’ Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake talk about how big the two new phones are. During the conversation, Fallon links ‘Huge’ to various features and Timberlake links it to the size of the phone. Read More

LG G3 Vigor (S/Beat) To Arrive At AT&T On 26th September

G3 VigorLG’s mid-range G3-esque phone, the G3 Vigor (also known as the G3 S or Beat), will be available at AT&T this Friday. Off contract, you will be able to snag the device for a reasonable $335 or on a two year contract for $50. The AT&T ‘Next’ plans will set you back $13.96 every month should you choose the Next 18 plan, and $16.75 for the Next 12 plan. Read More