Let’s Roam – A Great App To Enjoy Your City Outings To The Fullest

Are you going on a vacation soon or already are in the middle of one? and you need an App that will help you roam easy and entertain you at the same time? Let’s Roam by ScavangerHunt.com is the perfect choice to keep you busy during your travel in a foreign city or if you are spending a day/night in your area with your friends and family. The App offers loads of fun-filled activities and tasks and you also earn points along the way. Read More

Get The Best Casino App Promotions Through Your Phone

We are indeed in a time where information, entertainment and communication comes to us fast and direct, straight into our phones and the opportunities to gamble online is no different. Off all the casinos and of all the games available to play there is certainly a vast array of choice when it comes to the possibilities of winning money online.

Here we look at the benefits in a more direct way. We bring you the top casino apps to use and the bonuses which come with them. Read More

AirPods 2 Will Support “Hey Siri”

We all know by now that AirPods 2 will definitely come with the health monitoring features and is expected to launch by the first half of this year. New reports are now claiming that this upcoming wearable device will also include the “Hey Siri” voice command feature. The users will be able to setup this functionality in seconds from their iPhone with a pop up display that says: Read More

iPhone XR Is Now The Best Selling Model In US

We recently heard that the iPhone XR is almost on the verge of taking over the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in terms of sales and it could happen at anytime. Seems like the moment has finally arrived and iPhone XR has indeed become the best selling iPhone in the United States. The data was acquired as usual from a report by CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners ) who had previously given info on the 2019 iPhones. Read More

Call Screen On Pixel 3 And Pixel 3 XL Gets A New Feature

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL were released in October last year and it also came with a very useful feature of call screening for dealing with telemarketers and spammers. “Call Screen” works using Google’s Artificial Intelligence technology and answers the caller in an automated voice. Initially, the users could only read the transcripts of these automated conversations but now they can also listen to them live with a small tweak that was posted by a user on Reddit. Read More

The Meizu Zero Smartphone Comes Without Ports, Buttons And Speakers

Getting bugged with all the ports and buttons on your smartphone? You happen to receive a good news from us today. The new smartphone called Meizu Zero promises to be the first of its kind to come with absolutely no buttons, no ports and surprisingly no speakers too. The phone also sports a beautiful ceramic unibody design without any holes, that is bound to attract buyers from worldwide. Read More

Instagram Clarifies That It Is Not Limiting Followers From Viewing Your Posts

A recent backlash from people on social media stated that Instagram is cutting out their posts from the followers and it is only reaching a few of them, statistically only 7 percent. But it turns out that it was just a copy-paste routine which had become viral and people had started believing it to be true, which is completely false and Instagram has officially denied limiting the post reach. Read More

Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone Shows Up Online

Xiaomi was heard to be working on a foldable phone in the recent rumours and it looks like the company is seriously working on one as seen in a new video that shows the device in action. The video was shared by Donovan Sung on Twitter today and has gathered millions of views since then that clearly shows how good the foldable phone looks and people are surely getting exited for the updates. Read More

Netflix Users Can Now Directly Link TV Show Posters On Instagram Stories

Netflix has added a new feature specifically for Instagram users who want to share with their followers what they have been watching on the media streaming platform. The users can add the artwork of their favourite TV Show or Movie on the usual Instagram Stories post and let people see what they have been upto on the weekend or late night with friends. Read More

New Leak Claims AirPods 2 Is Coming In First Half Of 2019

DigiTimes, the Chinese daily newspaper company, has released new information on AirPods 2 and estimates that this wearable device will be launching before the second half of this year. AirPods were a big success for Apple, but the company has not revealed any details yet on the developments leading to AirPods 2. This leak surely gives us a clear idea on what Apple could be planning for the coming months and it could finally unveil the AirPods 2. Read More

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