People Testing iPhone 6 Plus Durability At Stores


Despite Apple’s statement and Consumer Reports findings, people are now checking the strength of iPhones in Apple Stores itself. Two teenage boys did a durability test of iPhone 6 Plus that was on display in UK’s Apple Store. On their visit, the Apple Store specialist told them that the bending issue was just “an online rumor”, yet the boys quietly tried to deform the phone by applying pressure at both ends of the phone. They also captured the whole thing in a video and posted it on the internet. The boys were easily able to bend the iPhone 6 Plus with slight pressure after which the display popped out of its chassis. Read More

Apple Expected To Unveil Retina iMacs During October Event


With Apple launching Retina Display in almost all of its devices, now it’s the turn of desktops. According to a report from Jack Marsh, next month it is “incredibly likely” that Apple announces a new Retina iMac at a special event that is rumoured to be on October 21st to unveil a new iPad Air and a new Mac mini.

A source familiar with Apple’s plans tells me that Apple is indeed planning to launch a Retina iMac at their next press event, however the 27″ Model will be the only model that gets this feature. The source says the new 27″ iMac will use a 5120 x 2880 panel as leaked in the OSX Yosemite code a few months ago.

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Apple Highlights Health And Fitness Apps Integrated With Its Health App

health appApple is rolling out quite a number of health-related initiatives, like Health App, HealthKit and the recently announced Apple Watch. To add to this health and fitness wave, the App Store now has a new section called “Apps for Health”.

The section reads:

“Experience an entirely new approach to wellness where your fitness app can talk to your calorie tracker, your doctor can be automatically notified of updates to your health data, and great apps work together for a healthier you,” reads a note on iTunes. “This handpicked collection highlights the best fitness, nutrition, and medical apps customized for iOS 8.”

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Fancy Tips for iOS — Quick Gratuities (Review)

fancy tipsWhen it comes to tipping, how quickly are you able to figure out how much to give? Although gratuities are considered to be customary gestures of appreciation, vague rules have been laid out to govern this routine custom. At times, it can be quite startling to not only tell how much but also whom to tip. Developed by Levgenii Lebid, Fancy Tips is an outstanding App that has got users to master the tipping art. Read More

Metallic Samsung Galaxy Alpha Released In India

samsung galaxy alphaSamsung has just officially released the Galaxy Alpha in India for 39,990 Indian Rupees. Originally unveiled in August, it will be available in Indian market within the first week of October. The most notable feature of the device is that its 67mm chassis is carved out of a block of metal alloy, giving it a brilliant and premium finish, as well as superior durability. Read More

Readdle Updates PDF Expert 5 For iOS 8

pdf expertReaddle has updated its App PDF Expert 5 to version 5.2 that now provides support for iOS 8. PDF Expert 5 allows users to read, add notes and edit PDF documents on an iPad or iPhone. It also lets users mark up the PDF documents with highlights and handwriting, insert text, stamps and signs. The other helpful features of the App include merging PDFs and filling forms directly on the iOS device. Read More

Apple Invites Reporters To Show iPhone 6 Plus Can’t Bend In Regular Use

With so much news around the bending of iPhone 6 Plus, followed by a video which showed how easily the phone bends, Apple, as expected, didn’t let the issue go unnoticed. Apple has released a statement to several different media houses, stating that bending of the phone during regular use is “extremely rare” and it was only nine customers who have complained about bending issues. Read More