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Etude for iOS Developer Speaks

etude app

Etude for iOS is an App that every budding and expert pianist should have. Etude is the ultimate way to learn to play music on the piano. The App displays crisp clear sheet music, helps to learn the keys to press on the keyboard at each moment, browse loads of free music available, and listen to music using the in-built synthesizer. As the developer describes it, the App is “Sheet music on Steroids.” We talked to Daniel Grover to learn more about the App, and its phenomenal success story.

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Top 5 Text Editors With Dropbox Sync for iPad

text editors

In recent times, there has been a flood of simple document creation apps that support Dropbox sync. The concept is extraordinary and allows for creation of quick documents that are always synced with Dropbox and can be viewed quickly from almost anywhere using any device.

In this section, we will highlight the best of such Apps that would make content creation on your iPad simple and efficient.

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iOS and Google TV Among Cyber Attack Targets for 2011

McAfee, the popular computer security company which was recently acquired by Intel released its 2011 Threat Predictions report which highlighted the platforms and services that would be the target of cyber attacks.

Among the list were Internet based TV services like Google TV and mobile platforms like Android and iOS. According to McAfee, the Apps that would run on these platforms would expose privacy and identity data.

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DevDialogue – Cover Art Downloader App Developer Speaks


Cover Art Downloader for Android is an App that magically adds album artworks to the media present on your Android device. Cover Art Downloader is amazingly helpful, unique and makes music feel better. In this DevDialogue with TheAppleGoogle, Stewart Gateley shares his thoughts on the openness of Android, the future of the App and even the platform war between iOS and Android.

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Google Instant Goes Global

google insant worldwide

Google has announced that their recently launched Google Instant service has gone global. Users from 40 countries worldwide can now see results as they type in the query in over 28 different languages. The feature works only on Android 2.2+ and iOS 4.0+, so if you have any of them, go to from the browser and click on the link below to try Google Instant.