iSlate to ship in March

Apple (NSDQ:AAPL) will likely officially unveil its long-rumored tablet PC this month and start shipping it in March, according to a story Monday in The Wall Street Journal.
Citing unnamed sources who were briefed by Apple, the report said that the still-to-be-completed device will have a 10-inch to 11-inch touchscreen display, and that it is currently being developed with two different material finishes, although it is unclear if that means there will be multiple versions or if the different finishes are just for testing.

Apple since at least May of last year has been rumored to be entering the tablet PC market.

Tablet PCs have been around for a decade, and the market already has a number of vendors, including Asus, Dell (NSDQ:Dell), Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ), Lenovo, Motion Computing, TabletKiosk and Toshiba.

However, the tablet PC market has been hampered by a lack of applications that take advantage of the touchscreen displays and stylus devices that most models include. Most of the tablet PCs on the market are aimed at business users, while Apple’s customer base is more consumer-focused.

The Wall Street Journal expects Apple’s tablet PC to be aimed at letting users watch movies and TV shows, surf the Web, play games, and read electronic books and newspapers. One possible application, according to the report, would be electronic versions of textbooks and newspapers with a touch interface and the ability to integrate up-to-the-minute information from multiple sources.

The report also said that the Apple tablet would likely connect to Wi-Fi wireless services, but not to a 3G cellular network because of bandwidth issues.

Apple Tablet as a Gaming Console!

The Apple Tablet seems to be demoed on January 26th and seeing the current excitement level,it seems that everyone is going to just grab it as soon as it launches!
A lot of competitors of Apple including Microsoft and Sony, are in the Gaming Business for long. Yet Apple doesn’t seem to launch a Gaming Console.
Maybe the launch of the Tablet would also cover this gap of next generation gaming.
Apple must engage on a deal with nVidia and put up a very powerful GPU which would support HD.
It should also have Bluetooth so that people could connect their wireless controllers and enjoy.


New Google Doodle!

Today is Sir Issac Newton’s Birthday and as usual Google has a new doodle on its Homepage.

But this time, it is somewhat better and it feels great with fade in enabled.
When you go to the Google homepage you see a bunch of Apples on a tree and suddenly one Apple falls down(only in fade in).
Also if you just press I am Feeling Lucky without any query entered into the search box you see a Happy New Year kind of animation with stars twinkling. Check it out now!

Google Tablet!

After all the speculation about the Apple Tablet, it is rumored that maybe Google and HTC are working out on a new tablet. The tablet would be a competitor to the iSlate.
The Google tablet would run chrome OS which cannot be compared to the MacOS(supposed to be run by the iSlate).
It’s hard to foresee a future in which a Google Tablet tries to go head to head with Apple on the content level. That’s not to say, however, that there aren’t some compelling things that could be offered by a Google tablet. As the launch of Google’s Chrome OS made clear, they’re looking toward a future with a multitude of devices that can access the Internet quickly, cleanly and cheaply. A Google Tablet could be just the thing to realise all of those goals. When we tried out the JooJoo tablet, we saw how a well-designed tablet for consuming web content could work well. A Chrome OS tablet by Google would likely work the same way, keeping typing to a minimum and offering a literal hands-on web surfing experience.


Apple Tablet or iSlate Confirmed!

Apple, plans to release a Tablet in 2010. The tablet screen size is expected to be around 7-10 inches with complete multitouch and gesture support. On January 26, 2010, Apple is rumored to officially confirm the arrival of the Tablet. But sadly, the iSlate does not sport a DVD Drive which would be annoying.

The device would be demoed in the month of January but would go on sale later in the year probably during WWDC 2010 (or may be in March) The purpose is to give developers enough time to write decent number of apps for the gadget before it hits the market.

Google vs Bing-Make your Decision!

With the launch of Bing a lot of people were confused whether to use Bing as their default search engine or Google?
A website known as helps users resolve this query.

The name of the Search Engine is Soloogle. When performing a search for a query or product say “iPod Touch” it divides the screen into two and displays the result in Bing and in Google.

Bing had its ads right up on the top which was annoying whilst Google had its had under the Sponsored Links Tab which was neatly placed on the right hand side of the screen. Of course the next on both search engines was the link to Apple’s Website.

Second up on Google was the Shopping results and in bing was the image results. Sadly, bing did not include any Shopping results.

Google also had a video result which would redirect you to Youtube whereas bing did not.

Both Google and Bing did have the Related Searches box which was very useful.

The best thing in was that it provided information about the product at the bottom end of the results which was damn good.

Google’s automcomplete feature was awesome, while Bing gave results to never known before sites.

In the end from my part, I think Google is a clear winner!