Google in 2009!

The year has finally came to an end but it seems as if the game for Google has just begun.
2009, was an eventful year for Google and it launched a few products and a several new features.
We take a look back at Google in 2009 and put out everything Google did in the year 2009:-

1. Chrome OS – An open source Cloud OS by Google which provides basic functionalities in a browser.

2.Google Books – Google was the one in its kind who came up with the idea of digitizing each and every book in this universe. It was the only negative of Google in 2009 and the case has still not been resolved.

3.Wave– Oh! Much of the hype and speculation this year is Google’s new real time collaboration tool, which is till date only available by invite is Google Wave..(FOR INVITES PLEASE POST IN A COMMENT).

4.Venture Capitals – Google invested in a lot of companies this year and also bought some including TiVo,Gizmo5 and maybe now

5.Android– Android is a mobile OS from Google. This year it had a lot of improvements.

6. Public DNS-Google Public DNS is a free, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service, that you can use as an alternative to your current DNS provider.

7. AutoComplete– One of the most important features is the auto complete feature which displays the results in the drop down area.

Other minor releases include-

8.Google Goggles
9.Gmail Offline
10.Gmail Duplicate Contacts
11.Google Translation Toolkit
12.Chrome Extensions
13.Google Earth-Santa, Space and Oceans
14.Social news gadget

YouTube HTML 5!

Google, is promoting HTML 5 . Now, they have introduced a look of how HTML 5 can be used to create web graphics, designs etc. They also said that you could play YouTube videos without the Flash Player.
The Flash Player has a lot of security loopholes in it. The amount of securiy threats to flash are increasing day by day.
So Google has launched this demo of HTML 5 to help users understand the threat of flash and to make them have a look at HTML 5.
To have a look at the demo go to

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Google Similar Pages!

Google’s Similar Pages for Chrome extension adds a button to the toolbar that uses Google’s search algorithms to find other web sites similar to the one you are currently browsing.

Once you’ve installed the extension, you can simply click the new button in the toolbar to see a list of related pages, complete with thumbnail previews, descriptions, and a link. The related sites are usually fairly accurate, but where it seems to work best is when browsing more permanent articles on a specific subject—for example, using the similar pages button on the Wikipedia article on Shadow Copy brought back a list of useful related pages, but if you are on the home page of a site, the results will be more general.

If you need to do a lot of research and can’t always think of the right query to use on Google, this extension could come in handy. Google Similar Pages is a free download, works wherever Chrome extensions do.

Google Nexus One Specs!

ROM hackers have dugged well into the ROM of the Nexus one and have determined the specifications of the Google Nexus One.

The Specs are as follows:-

1.Android 2.1

2.Proximity and ambient light sensor accelerometer

4.a magnetic compass

5.WiFi, a stereo FM speaker

6.a noise-cancellation chipset

7.OpenGL ES 2.0-capable graphics camera with LED flash

9.512MB RAM and ROM

10.1Ghz Processor

11. Thinner and lighter than the iPhone!Wow

Google News – Add a Section

Google News has yet another feature which tends to amaze users. This new feature in Google news is known as “Add a Section”. Users can now add a section to Google news about a topic on which they need the news feed.

There are various topics to choose from like cars,technology etc.

To add a section, a user must not be necessarily logged on, but logging in provides a good utiliztion of the tool.

The website creates a cookie of the Google News page, whereby if you visit it the next time, it remembers your last added section without even logging in. But the sad part is that if you manually remove the cookies or use a software such as CCleaner or TuneUp Utilities, you need to add a section whenever you visit the page.

To add a section go to and on the top right corner of your screen you could see this feature.

Google Nexus One to cost 530$

Google’s phone called the Nexus One, is about to be revealed at the CES 2010 next week.It’s estimated price tag is to be 530$ for the unlocked version and 180$ with the plan.

The Nexus One could operate a 1Ghz processor and could run the Google Chrome Browser in it.

An unlocked version would please a lot of users. Though the price with the plan is a bit high.

Google to purchase

Google this week announced it’s very own URL shortening service. The service is pretty good in itself and is a strong competitor to the world’s most popular shortening service “.ly” in stands for Libya and google URL shortening service ends with .”.gl”!
Google has yet again brougt in those keywords which it believes separates its product over the rest.
These are:-

Stability – ensuring that the service has very good uptime
Security – protecting users from malware and phishing pages
Speed – fast resolution of short URLs
. is the only strong competitor to this new service by Google.As we have seen lately Google is buying a lot of companies to improve its technology. In recent months it got Gizmo5, reCAPTCHA,TiVO and now maybe
It is rumored that the deal will take place for 20-45 million dollars.

Predictions Galore -iPhone 4G Predictions!

Oh! Well oh well! It is really hard to make predictions for the iPhone . It has nearly got every possible thing.
But still there are a few things which are missing and are listed below:-

1. Camera – The iPhone is very much supposed to get a 5MP camera which supports video recording.

2. Non-Jail-breakable- Apple is going to ship non-jail-breakable iPhones. But as we all know these dev people are unbeatable.

3. WiFi/n – This is a new level of wifi which supports extremely high data transfer at a tremendous speed. The iPhone is bound to have this.

4. Larger display- This feature is rumored at various sources that the iPhone will get a larger display of 5inch.

5. Upgraded iPhone OS- The iPhone OS would be upgraded to 4.0 which should add an office app (iwork) and also Bluetooth transfer capabilities with other non-iphone OS devices.

Predictions Galore- iMac Predictions (2010)

Yes Yes, i do know that Apple has recently released a new iMac and it would be dumb to make any further changes so soon.
But guess what, Apple is planning to release another iMac somehere in the end of 2010 or start of 2011.
The features to be included are:-

1.Intel Core i9 processors- Oh Gosh! these are to be developed by Intel(ofcourse) and it has been rumored that Intel has set up a partnership with Apple for the i9’s.It is codenamed GulfTown and has 6 Cores.

2.46′- It is also truly believed that Apple is going to launch their 46 inch iMac…wow…who would then go for a tv? instead just plug in a Tv Tuner Card.

3. 32 or 64 Gigabytes Of RAM- Just imagine how fast the PC would work with such beasts loaded.

4. 6TB of storage.

5. nVidia/AMD Better Graphics.

6. As usual and 100% sure is the costly price of the imacs….ha ha

Wow! Lets hope Apple rolls out these Upgrades soon…..

Apple Tablet to run Chrome OS!

Ha Ha! With so many rumors about the Apple Tablet floating around the World Wide Web and people making predictions whether the much awaited Apple Tablet would run iPhone OS or MacOS, I thought why can’t it run Chrome OS instead. Funny and Impossible isn’t it?

But if you just give it a moment and think about it. It could be a great idea! It would give both the tech giants to co-operate with each other and resolve their rivalries. It would also help the users as the Apple Tablet would thus be comparatively cheaper.