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The Comet HD is a Highly Interactive Book for iPad

The Comet HD App for iPadIf you are looking for a fun and beautifully designed App for kids and even for yourself to understand the emotions and the rights of kids, The Comet HD is the App you should be downloading. Through a remarkably designed user interface, this App helps you and your kid understand the rights of children, the way they feel and dealing with their emotions. Read More

Top 5 Calculator Apps for iPad

iphone calculator icon

Unlike the iPhone and iPod touch, the iPad does not come with a native Calculator App. While using such a large screen as the iPad for daily calculation sounds weird, a calculator app can be handy for quick calculations.

In this “Top” series we round up the top five calculator apps for the iPad that would help you carry out some calculations on your large sized touch screen buddy.

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Happy Birthday Woz

Happy Birthday Woz! Today is Steve Wozniak’s 60th birthday and we are thrilled about it. Steve did so much for the industry and turned from a passionate computer geek to a cult icon. He invented the first personal computer and started Apple. To celebrate his birthday, Jonathan Mann came up with a song for him. The song is titled “That’s Woz” and is just incredible. You could find the song on YouTube or even purchase it from his site.

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