A Great MMORPG Game – King Of Avalon : Dragon Warfare


King of Avalon : Dragon Warfare is a massive multiplayer online game which has been developed by Fun+. This game is not your typical strategy game and offers a lot of different possible approaches to build you kingdom. The game is all about selectively building you army and your castle and training your dragons in order to wage war against other players for game based rewards. Besides that the game also offers a great story-line to it.  Read More

Apple iPhone 7 Or iPhone 6SE – New Rumors Rise


There are some rumors flying around that the Apple iPhone 7 will most likely be called the Apple iPhone 6se. Although Apple has not yet confirmed on anything as of now but with a planned September release, this might be a tough news to digest for some people. The benefit of doubt would definitely go towards this as the new device only features minor changes both internally and externally instead of a major redesign. Read More

Apple Officially Come To Bengaluru – Sets Up Developers Center


Apple is on it’s may to fulfill Tim Cook’s promise of bringing Apple to India as they have leased out about 40000 Sq.Ft of office space. Apple will most likely be creating a lot of Jobs in the process and also setting up the much awaited development center to boost local developers and Start Up Business. According to Apple. the development center is expected to commence operations by early 2017. Read More

Apple Pay Comes To France And Hong Kong


Apple, at WWDC last month that their payment service called Apple Pay will be expanded and be made available across Europe. Only a month and a few days later, Apple made that announcement come true by launching Apple Pay in France. This makes France the eighth country to support Apple’s wireless payment service and the second one to hit Europe. Other countries include United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore with many more coming on their global map. Read More

An Interview with PlayPlayFun – Monday Night Monsters Football


We all know how exhausting your average Monday nights can be. After a long day of work, finally people have something fun to come home to. The game that is Monday Night Monsters Football puts player in the shoes of some of the finest monsters a football field has ever seen. We at TheAppleGoogle got an opportunity to speak with the people behind this awesome concept and game. Here is what they had to say- Read More

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Android Pay Comes To Australia


In late 2015, Google had announced that they will be launching the Android Pay for Australia. Only 7 months later Google fulfilled their promise and have launched the payment Application for the southern continent. Android Pay is now accepted in almost all retail stores and already supports up to 25 major banks. The NFC based payment method is will be the prime competition to the already established Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Read More

iPhone 7 Images And Price Leak On Chinese Social Media


Apple is launching the iPhone 7 this September and rumors are that they are dropping the headphone jack and the new headphones would either require Bluetooth connectivity or the lightning cable attachment. Apple also plans to launch the Apple Earpods which would be powered by the lightning cable and can serve as a alternate to the expensive Bluetooth headphones. Although it’s not confirm if these would have to be bought separately or will come with the device.

Read More

Can You Make The Plane Land In Planes Control For Android & iOS?


Planes Control is a casual/strategy game that has been developed by Rarepixels. The game is all about controlling the planes and making sure they land safely. It’s much more tougher than you think. The controls are fairly simple, it does get tricky when you have to manage multiple planes and the player is expected to re-route planes to best fit their strategy. The game also offers a global leader-board which can be synced in with the players iTunes or Google Play profile.  Read More

2 Million Indian Developers Will Be Trained By Google


Google launched a new program on Monday which promises to train about 2 million developers in India on Android, their flagship operating system. The program is  a 3 years program which will enable developers to launch their own innovative mobile applications for Android. This would enable India to have the largest developer population of about 4 million developers by 2018 by overtaking the US. Read More

Apple Music Gets An Update For Android


Apple has recently released an update for Apple Music which promises to fix several bugs on the Android platform. The new update fixes issues with Playback and issues with sorting the playlist. The new version of Apple Music has been jumped up to version 0.9.11 and can be downloaded from Google Play. Apple music is only one of the two Apps that currently available for android devices, the other one being Move To iOS. Read More