Apple Has A Record $285.1 Billion In Cash

Apple’s total cash reserve came to a close of $285.1 billion in the last quarter of December 2017. This is a new record and shows the company’s addition of high cost handsets and newer tax regulations.

The cash was around $268.9 billion in the previous quarter and its almost up by $17 billion in last quarter which is massive. This information was disclosed by Apple’s earnings report on Thursday. Read More

Traktor Digger 3D – A Realistic Tractor Game

If you like enjoying a 3D game on your phone with a bit of classic arcade feel, you need to check out Traktor Digger 3D game. This game has the basic setup of a tractor which you will be controlling and moving around. Your aim is to collect gold from the given area and load it in the big truck. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You will be having to face many challenges as you progress through each level, and collect gold on every level to make it to the next level. Read More

Google’s Clips Camera is Selling For $249

Google’s AI Camera was quickly sold out after it was available to purchase over the weekend. This camera was unveiled in October alongside Google Pixel 2, but has finally been made open for purchase.

This $249 camera is completely hands-free and uses AI running on an Intel Movidius chip to decide when to take a snap of family and friends. You can clip the camera to the chair and click amazing pictures that has a natural feel to it. Also, the device can be placed in living rooms to capture all the beautiful family moments. Read More

Staggering Downloads on Google Play Store in Q4 2017

Google has released statistics of downloads in Play Store during the 4th quarter of 2017. Based on reports, Google Play app downloads topped 19 billion in Q4 2017 which is a new record and surely the highest number of App downloads ever seen in a quarter.

Also, compared to App Store, Play Store’s download is leading by almost 145 per cent which is massive. The downloads have been coming from the countries of India, Indonesia, Brazil which all contributed to Google Play’s 10 percent year-over-year growth in total downloads. Read More

You Will Soon Have Access To Audiobooks On Google Play Store

Google Play Store has given us so many apps, books, music, games, movies, news over the years and now there will be a new addition that is audiobooks. This will be a huge add-on and Google is going big and leaving no stones unturned to establish Audiobooks in the Play store.

As of now, Audiobooks are available in 45 countries and will be gradually rolling over in the remaining regions. They are available in 9 languages and also accessible on any devices like Android, iOS, Google Home Speakers and the web. Read More

Apple May Soon Kill Macbook Air, New Era of Macbooks in Line

Apple has hardly made any upgrades in Macbook Air in the last decade. There have been only minor processor changes but still is far behind the specs available in recent Mac laptops.

Apple had stopped making the 11-inch Macbook Air back in 2016, and new reports are coming in claiming that the next generation of Macbook Air laptops may well be underway. They are expected to come up in the second half of 2018, and Chinese news agency Digitises reported that General Interface Solution, a display manufacturer, has started shipping new 13-inch display panels to Apple for new Macbooks. Read More

Google Is Expanding In France With The New AI Research Centre

Google is slowly and steadily expanding their business across the the globe. This time it is in France where Google is launching it’s new AI Research Center.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO wrote blog post detailing Google’s investment in France. This includes three main announcements. First one being, the company will expand it’s office in Paris by acquiring an renting the buildings around Google’s current office and connect them. Read More

Apple’s HomePod To Hit The Market In A Few Weeks

The HomePod, Apple’s upcoming smart speaker equipped with Siri voice assistant was announced to release in December 2017 and rather has been idle ever since. But reports suggest that Apple may roll out this device soon, supposedly in the comings days/weeks.

This speaker will look to compete with Amazon Echo in the same segment. The Amazon Echo is selling at $99 which is a reasonable price, while the HomePod is expected to sell for $349. The HomePod speaker will be available in both white and space grey. Read More