iBooks – Kindle Killer!

Apple released ibooks which is a great way to read and buy books. The app is featured for the iPad.

“It has a bookshelf. In addition there’s a button which is the store — we’ve created the new iBook Store. You can download right onto your iPad.” — Steve Jobs

Five big partners… Penguin, Macmillion, Simon & Shuster… and more.

The format of the books being ePub.

You can flip the page by tapping anywhere on the right, change the size, or flip back by tapping on the left. Or, drag the page over manually using touch.

You could even select the font of the book by just tapping the screen!

Kodak sues Apple

Kodak, a company that manufactures digital cameras and other photography related products, filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission, alleging the Apple iPhone.

Kodak also filed lawsuits against Apple in the U.S. District Court in Rochester, claiming an infringement of patents related to digital cameras and certain computer processes. It is asking for unspecified monetary damages and a court order to end the disputed practices.

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Apple’s announcement for the January 27, 2010 mega event has caught the fancy of the entire world. Guesses are running wild and expectations are being poured in.

Goebbels once said that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will think it is the truth.

Unlike the “run-of-the-mill”, TheAppleGoogle.com has faith in the vision of Apple and its numero uno Steve Jobs. We will not guess what is inside the new Apple product and let the wild horses loose but we know for sure that we will have a marvel from a great organization like Apple.

We will be reporting for you on 27th January, 2010.

The Voice of the iSlate!

On January 27th Apple is going to release a new product which will most probably change the way people have been interacting with their Computers and Mobile Phones. The release of the iSlate or iPad will mark the beginning of a whole new era of computing!

The iSlate is to be announced during an event to be held at San Francisco.

The iSlate is rumored to have great innovative features such as Huge Screen with IPS technology, iWork compatibility and more. Another feature should be that ,the iSlate must be completely Voice enabled with support for Speech recognition. If iWork is to be accustomed with the iSlate, then Speech recognition will help a lot of business users. Two microphones should be built in which would enhance the use of Skype and other such services. Just by speaking the name of an application, the iSlate must be compatible enough to pop it up.

Microsoft’s Project Natal has been designed to recognize words such as “Good Night” which would just switch it off.
The Apple Tablet must also be compatible with similar technologies.

Voice Input must work with any application which has text input available, just as the Nexus One. Music Search, Hands free Dialing, Posting Tweets by your voice,News,Sports and Weather and Battery Remaining could be great!

In just three days, we’ll find out whether the iSlate does support these features or not!

App of the Week : Cooliris

Ever wanted to download a picture from your picasa web album to your iPhone?or directly publish a picture from picasa or flickr to any of the social networking sites? Or wanted all your pictures to be arranged on a wall with effects? Well then here’s an app which would meet all your needs.

This cool app is known as Cooliris and is available on the Android as well as the iPhone. By using this app you could have all your web albums say picasa or flickr in one place. You could even download these pictures to your iPhone with just one touch. You could even add captions to your images and mark some precious ones as your favorites .

Another great thing is that you could directly share an image on any of the social networking sites! The app starts in landscape mode and you need to add your picasa or flickr usernames and the rest would happen on it’s own.

You could even watch popular YouTube videos playing!
All your pictures get arranged in a wall with dull lights in the background.

This app is even available for Google Chrome as an extension . This is a complete all in one and must have app for all kinds of users.

Ratings. : 9/10
Features : 10/10
Performance : 8/10
Price. : 10/10 (FREE)
Platforms : Android , iPhone/iPod touch , Google Chrome

Apple Safari 5.0

The Macworld Expo is on January 27th and all eyes are on the Apple Tablet and iPhone OS 4.0. Till date the Apple Tablet is just a rumor and Apple has yet not claimed of any such device.

Apple even recently sent an email to journalists stating “come see our latest creation” . The word creation has been associated with either the iSlate or the iPhone OS version 4.0. People seem to have forgotten about Safari!

Currently Safari is in version 4.0 and lacks a bit of features when compared to modern browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Safari 4 was announced by Apple during Feburary 2009.

Maybe Apple is looking foward to release a new version of Safari. Safari 5 would bring in the option of customization . Users could download themes, plugins etc from the App Store.

The rendering engine could get better and a few bugs could be addressed .