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iPad – It all started with $499

For most of us the iPad started at $499 and ended at $999. The ‘WiFi only’ version with 16GB of space was for $499 but the compelling apps and accessories made it worth $999.


iPad apps are too costly when compared to the iPhone. Gone are the days when Apps used to be worth $0.99. These days, Apps are heavily priced ranging from $3.99 to $19.99. Some apps require subscription which need $17.99.

I got SoundHound for $4.99 which is an instant search and music discovery app.

Then I chose Asphalt 5 HD over F1 which took me another $6.99. Scrabble, The Elements, Brushes and Plants vs Zombies HD added another $43.96.


Apple has put up some great accessories to choose from for the iPad. Those Accessories are actually necessities needed for complete optimization of your iPad.

1. Keyboard Dock – Helps you connect your Apple Wireless keyboard with your iPad via Bluetooth so that you could work as on a laptop. This was absolutely essential and added $69.00 to my cart,

2. Camera Connector – Allows you to connect your Camera to your iPad and transfer pictures from it. then you could share those transferred pictures online, directly from your iPad. So this added $29.00 to my list.

3. iPad Case – Prevention is always better than cure and going by this proverb I chose to pick up this Case. This case helps you protect your iPad and even acts as a stand for reading books, watching movies and playing slide shows of your pictures. I know that there is already a rush of iPad cases over the Internet but this one looked pretty neat with the Apple Logo in the center. This costs me $39.00.

4. iPad 10W USB Power Adapter – I am always hooked up to either my desktop or laptop and charging my iPad by them would be a wise decision. Another $29.00 would of course make no difference.

Apple Care Protection Plan

I knew that I was going to use this device extensively and I must opt for the Apple Care Protection Plan. Opting for it would extend my technical support and hardware coverage for two years from the original purchase date of my iPad. I could ask questions and get advice directly from Apple experts. Repair and replacement service of the iPad and even its accessories is covered under this plan. This will dent my pocket by $99.00.


The iPad is a content creation and consumption device and creating content would surely require a place from where I could access it from anywhere. I could even share photos on the go and put them together in an album. I wanted my iPad, iPhone and MacBook to be interconnected and this would help me achieve my goal. I chose the Family Pack while purchasing my iPad which gave me an instant $30 off. So adding this to my list was another $119.00.

At the end, when I proceeded to the cart, I was stunned to see my total amount nearing to $999.00. Oh My God, I guess this was the case with most of you. At the end of the day, I could only say that “It all started with $499”.

Mama Mia.

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iPad Specific Apps

Apple has put up a page on their website dedicated to Apps available on the iPad. They have 11 featured Apps and have even posted videos about how the apps function and appear.

According to Apple, Apps for the iPad would be something which you haven’t seen or touched before and with every passing day more and more apps are added to the App Store which make your relationship with the device even more stronger. If you have got your iPad, head over to the App Store and check them out.

The list of Apps include :-

I specifically like the Asphalt 5 App due to the graphics it offers and Epicurious would be good for Mom’s .There is even a new section under the iPad Page known as – ” Apps for iPad”. These apps look really very promising and would differentiate the iPad further more from the iPhone.

“The Elements” App is a creative and a unique idea. It features all the elements in the periodic table and puts them together in an interesting manner. The large screen display with IPS technology truly makes the iPad a revelation.

Google Acquires Episodic

Episodic, a complete online video platform for broadcasting, measuring and monetizing live and on-demand video content to the web or any web enabled device has now been acquired by Google.
Add Episodic to the list of recent Google acquisitions which include Aardvark, reMail and Picnik.

Episodic brings great video experience to the web, mobile phones and IPTV. This acquisition could possibly be for Google’s rumored Google TV.

Here’s what the Episodic team has to say :

We are thrilled to announce that Episodic has been acquired by Google. The entire Episodic team is extremely excited about this new partnership and what it means for our customers and the evolution of online video.

The Episodic team will join Google and continue its work to bring a great video experience to the Web, mobile phones and IPTV devices. There will be no interruption in service for existing Episodic customers.

At Episodic, we have always felt that these are the very early days of online video and that there is far more growth to be had. To put it in perspective, our industry is barely 15 years old. We’ve just received our learner’s permit, we still can’t drive without adult supervision and we’re certainly not old enough to buy a drink…legally.

From our earliest discussions with Google, it was clear that the teams shared this belief and together we obviously see huge potential in online video. Our product visions were also complimentary and together we will continue to produce innovative video technology for our customers and their viewers.

Speaking of our fabulous customers, we want to thank you all for your support and your willingness to experiment and sit on the bleeding edge with our team. We can’t wait to show you all what’s coming.

Google’s Next Steps Towards its Possible Grand Plans

The Google mobile blog has announced its plan about Google services on the iPad and other tablet computers. As the shift of interest of the people from desktops and mobile phones to tablet computers is evident, Google has chosen to optimize the interest to give people a better Google experience.

All Google services including YouTube, Google Docs and even gmail are now optimized for the iPad and other tablet computers. gmail looks exactly like the default iPad mail and has your inbox on the left and the mail selected is on the right. There is no better experience than using the native mail app on the iPad to check your mail; so gmail optimization is nothing very exciting. There is already a default YouTube app on the iPad which gives a better experience than the web app.

Then comes in Map. You even have a maps app for the iPad which is very robust and has a great UI.

Google plans to use and promote the new HTML 5 web standard and is encouraging people to use it. The optimization of Google services for tablet computers would rather not be a success for Apple’s iPad, but yeah, it could help on other upcoming Android based tablets.

This gives us a hint that maybe – just maybe Google is coming out with its own tablet.

iPad Apps hit the App Store

The App Store now has iPad Apps too. Many of the Apps are now optimized for both the iPad and iPhone, which means that they would work on both the iPhone and the iPad. Some get a completely new design whereas the rest would be usable by the zoom in feature the iPad has. Many of the Apps you own would probably get an update which would include no fixes, no new features but just they would be optimized for the iPad and would have a whole new look on the iPad. The iTunes Store has now sections for screen-shots – iPhone and iPad.

The iPhone section would show you the screenshots of the app on the iPhone while the iPad section would show you the screenshot of the app on the iPad. Those apps compatible with the iPhone and the iPad would bear a signature underneath the icon which would say ” This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad ” . After downloading the update when you get to the Apps bar in iTunes it would have two sections – iPod touch, iPhone and iPad apps and iPhone and iPod touch apps. Some apps which would be iPad specific like iBooks would be categorized under a new section named iPad apps.

Download your favorite Apps and save time on Saturday.

Extension of the Week – LastPass


How many times have you encountered a situation where you have forgotten the credentials of a particular website and you couldn’t log in? If it has been many times, you are not alone. It happens to all of us.

Due to the vast number of websites in which we register ourselves, each with a unique user name and a password, it becomes extremely hard to remember all of them. Further, a lot of web sites also ask you for your credentials if you need to comment on an article etc. The absence of a single unified login system clearly is to be blamed for this loss. There are password managers who tend to make your work easy but yet people are scared to use them.

Here comes in LastPass. LastPass is an add-on for Firefox and an extension in Chrome. Many times it happens that you have a different browser at home, a different one at office and a another on your phone. If you save a password on one browser, you may forget it while you are on another.

LastPass is completely cross-platform available on Safari, Firefox, Chrome and even on your iPhone. It is a browser built password manager which is highly secure. You need to create a LastPass account which would be a master account. Then as you log into an account, LastPass would prompt if you’d like to save the password or not. You could even generate extremely tough passwords using LastPass and store them in LastPass itself. You could even create secure notes. And on top of all that, it is totally secure. None of the data is passed on to their servers. Instead it is encrypted and stored on your computer . Security is not a concern with LastPass.

It can even remember your credit card details and help you shop better the next time, though we don’t recommend this. It has a virtual keyboard for entering crucial details such as your credit card number and prevents you from malicious key-loggers which may be installed on your system. LastPass stands for Last Password. The LastPass Account Password would be the last password you would have to ever remember after installing  LastPass.

The LastPass site is secured and has SSL encryption . LastPass gives you one click log in to a website which protects your account from hackers.Oh! LastPass is completely free which makes it even better. If you want the iPhone app, you need to sign up for the premium version. Many people swear by the program as it works on any browser and any OS and is secure.  Though LastPass is free it even has to offer a premium version. You would be stunned to know the price of the premium version and its features – Only $1 per month and you could have it on your iPhone, Blackberry, Web-OS or any other device. You would be free of advertisements and be rest assured that your data is safe. There are many other password managers but LastPass seems to dominate them all due to the security and the features which it has to offer.

Download LastPass today and forget all your passwords. If you are a fan of some other password manager which you use all the time, let us know about it in the comments.

Features – 10/10

Performance – 9/10

Website –

iTunes Update brings iPad Support

Apple released iTunes version 9.1 yesterday which brings in iPad compatibility and support for iBooks. This update enhances iTunes, provides new features and fixes some issues.

Now iTunes is compatible with your forthcoming iPad and supports iBooks.The applications bar which was earlier termed as “Applications” was renamed to “Apps”. It even gives users the ability to rearrange, remove or rename Genius mixes. Seven vulnerabilities in iTunes were patched by this update.

Major features include:

• Sync with iPad to enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV shows, books and more on the go
• Organize and sync books you’ve downloaded from iBooks on iPad or added to your iTunes library
• Rename, rearrange, or remove Genius Mixes.

Though the update makes iTunes better but it still feels as the same old bloated music management software.

Update :

1. A new “Books” bar has been added which could be viewed while navigating your iPod     touch/iPhone.It could be used to sync audiobooks.

2. An option of converting higher bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC is now available.

Snow Leopard Updated to 10.6.3

Apple released a new update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard which brings it to version 10.6.3. Though there aren’t any great features but there are a lot of fixes and an update is recommended. It addresses various security issues and includes a lot of patches and fixes.

Some of the important fixes are:

  • a color issue in iMovie with HD content.

  • printing reliability

  • the reliability of certain third-party USB devices.

  • an issue in which the microphone level in iChat may not increase the volume after reducing it to prevent a feedback event.

  • an issue that could cause Mail to delete mailboxes on a Microsoft Exchange server that is hosted behind an Internet load balancer.

The file is 784MB in size and a list of all the fixes can be found here.

The Ultimate Intoxicant – iPad

Gadgets are like drugs – you can’t resist them. When a new one comes to the market which is going to blow you sky high, you gonna be ready for it. The unparalleled intoxicant like never before , the iPad is coming in for gadget-pushers. Get your itching fingertips ready and allow large volumes of drool over the new iPad.

Encore to Steve Jobs and a grand welcome to the iPad into this world on its birthday.

Well, get ready put on your best clothes, get a cake and some candles and welcome the iPad to your home on April 3. Celebrate that day because on that day you will get your new iPad. Just in case you forgot, Apple is now reminding all those who have pre-ordered their iPads by email that the tablet PC has been shipped and will arrive at your doorstep on April 3.

Get the best tuxedo in town to put your iPad in and show it off to all your friends and brag about it a bit. In-case you need a big pocket, don’t forget to take a look at the iGotaBigAssPocket Concept. Tune your PC/Mac and order them to behave in a nice manner with your iPad. Sync all your content including music, videos, HD movies and browse the web like never before. Also don’t forget to drive thru TheAppleGoogle with your new iPad. Do tell us how it feels like.

For those who haven’t pre-ordered the much anticipated device, they can buy it from an Apple Store or from any Best Buy starting from 9.00AM on Saturday.