YouTube Mobile Upgraded

YouTube Mobile

As the world continues to go mobile, websites need to be optimized for a better mobile experience. YouTube has been a tremendous success on mobile devices and companies like Apple have thought of it to be a major part of the internet and have incorporated it within the operating system itself. YouTube received many hits from standalone apps and millions of playbacks from devices like the iPhone.

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70% Of The iPads Are Jailbroken

iPad Jailbreak

We regularly conduct polls and love to gather data from our users to learn more about them. Last month’s poll asked them whether they had Jailbroken their iPad or not? Our readers gleefully entered their choices and to our surprise, 70% of the answers to the question “Is your iPad Jailbroken?” turned out to be ‘Yes’.

The remaining 25% chose the answer in negative while the balance 5% were indifferent.

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Mozilla Minefield One on One With Google Chrome

Mozilla recently made nightly builds of Firefox 4 available for download codenamed Minefield. It is currently on version 4.0b2pre and is blazingly fast. At the Mozilla blog, the team even gave a reason as to why tabs are on top in Firefox 4. They said that every modern browser including Google Chrome and Opera have tabs on top and why tabs on top is not just an improvement in the design but also how it helps in making the browser more faster.

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The Case Of The Missing Cases

Just imagine you having bought the following:-

1. An umbrella without a holding stick;
2. A steaming inviting cup of noodles without any fork to eat;
3. A good hot cup of Starbucks Coffee with no handle to hold;
4. An expensive software which is susceptible to a virus attack and your computer not having the right protection.

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The Electrifying AppSpark

AppSpark is an initiative by TheAppleGoogle under which we spotlight on a particular App every week with a complete review of the App along with a fully featured video. Till date, we had been doing regular sections where we featured a particular App every week under the banner “App of the Week”. Along with the App of the Week, we even do an “Extension of the Week” section because we think extensions too are just like Apps and they open up a wide range of possibilities.

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iPhone 4 Call Dropping Issues To Be Fixed With Software Update

The iPhone 4 is the best smart-phone ever and the gorgeous retina display technology makes the iPhone a charm to use. It has an all new design and a large multitouch display. Recently, a lot of iPhone 4 users were complaining about the reception of the phone. According to some iPhone 4 users, when they hold the iPhone from the antenna, the call dropped. The case was huge and Steve Jobs ignored it by saying, “You are holding it the wrong way”.

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