Google Tablet could be named gTablet

With every passing day the rumors about the Google Tablet keep getting better. Google even released a few pictures showing how Chrome OS would look on a tablet which possibly gave a sneak peek at the Google Tablet.

The naming thing with Google has always been simple, clean and to the point as it’s search engine. For example mail is just Gmail . The two things which Google does while naming is either put a “g” in front of it or simply call it the “Google Product” . ( Except the Nexus One)

We are guessing that the name for the Google Tablet is going to be gtablet or simply Google Tablet.
Even gslate looks promising but we all are pretty much sure that Google wouldn’t pick pad for this after the revolts against the iPad.

Core i7 on a MacBook Pro!

The latest rumor about the MacWorld floating around is that an Intel i7 powered MacBook Pro is gonna make its way. GeekBench results for a “new” Core i7 MacBook Pro. According to the results, what you’re looking at above are the numbers for the MacBook Pro 6,1, sporting a nastified Intel Core i7 (dual core, not quad) 620M (Arrandale) percolating along at 2.66GHz. Other curious points here are the 4.8GHz FSB, which sounds a little screwy to us, and a final GeekBench score of 5260, which makes current MBPs clocked at the same speed look like your grandfather with a walker (those ranges hover around 3700-4000 on average). The laptop in question is also allegedly running a fresh version of Snow Leopard (build 10C3067 of 10.6.2), which certainly makes sense if someone is out there benching a new Apple product, though it’s not a number we can verify. Still, if you were using a new Apple product, would you be dumb enough to publicly share this info? Probably not, which of course raises the question that this might just be a hackintosh or some other clever spoof (even if we did see a suggestion of new MBPs on the way recently). Till then, you could dream about it and we will provide you further updates.

Apple bans Android

By now we all are quite familiar with how much control Apple has over it’s App Store. The continuous rejection of a few apps along with a rejection of competitors apps justifies it.

Recently a developer submitted an app which had the word ‘Android’ in it. Apple rejected the app and said ” Remove the A word or remove your App”. Apple earlier even rejected Google Voice from entering into the App Store and even plans to adopt Bing as it’s default search engine for the iPhone . This rivalry between Apple and Google seems promising and could result in a lot of iPhone users to switch to the Nexus One.

iPod Update!

iPod version 3.1.3 is now out. As expected this new version does not have many improvements.
The few bug fixes include :-

• Improves accuracy of reported battery level on
iPhone 3GS
• Resolves issue where third-party apps would not
launch in some instances
• Fixes bug that may cause an app to crash when
using the Japanese Kana keyboard

iTunes Update!

Apple recently updated iTunes to v.9.0.3 for Mac and PC. iTunes 9.0.3 provides a number of important bug fixes, including:

• iTunes no longer ignores your “Remember password for purchases” setting.
• Addresses problems with syncing some Smart Playlists and Podcasts with iPod.
• Resolves a problem recognizing when iPod is connected.
• Addresses issues that affect stability and performance.

iTunes 9 comes with many new features and improvements, including:

• An improved look and feel, including a new Column Browser for easily browsing your artists or albums, movies, TV shows, and more.

• iTunes Store has a brand new look, with improved navigation for quick and easy exploration.

• iTunes LP and iTunes Extras create unique experiences that feature exclusive interviews, videos, photos, and more — available with select album and movie purchases on the iTunes Store.

• Home Sharing helps you manage your family’s iTunes collection between computers in your home. iTunes can automatically transfer new purchases, or you can choose just the items you want.

• Genius Mixes are created for you by iTunes and play songs from your library that go great together.

• iPod and iPhone syncing now allows you to organize your iPhone and iPod touch home screens directly in iTunes. Syncing is now also more flexible, allowing you to sync individual artists, genres, or TV show and Podcast episodes.

• iTunes U items are now organized into their own section in your iTunes library.

• Sync with iPod nano (5th generation), iPod classic (Fall 2009), and iPod touch (Fall 2009).

• iTunes 9 also includes many other improvements, such as HE-AAC encoding and playback, more flexibility with Smart Playlists rules, simpler organization of your media files inside an iTunes Media folder, and more.

An update to 9.0.3 is highly recommended !

Youtube HTML 5 – Beta (UPDATED)

YouTube recently updated its page on HTML 5 , now offering users to testdrive HTML 5. HTML 5 is the next version of HTML ( HyperText Markup Language).

The HTML5 editors are Ian Hickson of Google, Inc. and David Hyatt of Apple, Inc.

HTML 5 is an alternative to Flash or Silverlight and is believed to be much more secure and stable than them.

HTML 5 is right now in BETA version and you could opt for it by heading your browser in this direction. You could now opt in for HTML 5 and try out the videos . The only drawback being that yet watching YouTube videos in full screen mode in not supported. Though that can be obtained on Firefox by using an addon.

HTML 5 evolves HTML and its related APIs to ease the authoring of Web-based applications.

Steve Jobs:- Google’s Dont Be Evil is Bull****

During that Apple town hall meeting we mentioned earlier this week CEO Steve Jobs reportedly had some choice words regarding Google that left little doubt about how the outspoken executive sees the competition.

Don’t be evil? “Bullshit” Jobs said, after which he was reportedly rewarded with a big round of applause from the gathered throng of Apple employees.

Also about Google, Jobs said that company “entered the phone business. Make no mistake they want to kill the iPhone. We won’t let them.”

Jobs also singled out Adobe, calling the company “lazy” because, in his opinion, “they have all this potential to do interesting things but they just refuse to do it.” Jobs also criticized Flash for being buggy. When a Mac crashes, it’s usually because of Flash, he reportedly told the crowd. “The world is moving to HTML5,” he said.

Reports that the town hall meeting was adjourned with a gavel that made a loud Bing sound were completely fabricated and made up by me just now.

Source : Gizmodo

iPad vs Rest

Many people seem to have developed a hatred towards the iPad due to it’s lack of expected features such as multitasking and a camera!

A comparsion chart compares the iPad with the rest of the e-readers available in the market. The iPad stands out! There are a few mistakes in the chart such as the base model of the iPad has been compared which only sports wifi.