The Electrifying AppSpark

AppSpark is an initiative by TheAppleGoogle under which we spotlight on a particular App every week with a complete review of the App along with a fully featured video. Till date, we had been doing regular sections where we featured a particular App every week under the banner “App of the Week”. Along with the App of the Week, we even do an “Extension of the Week” section because we think extensions too are just like Apps and they open up a wide range of possibilities.

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iPhone 4 Call Dropping Issues To Be Fixed With Software Update

The iPhone 4 is the best smart-phone ever and the gorgeous retina display technology makes the iPhone a charm to use. It has an all new design and a large multitouch display. Recently, a lot of iPhone 4 users were complaining about the reception of the phone. According to some iPhone 4 users, when they hold the iPhone from the antenna, the call dropped. The case was huge and Steve Jobs ignored it by saying, “You are holding it the wrong way”.

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Apple – The Best Company of the World [PICS]

I have seen 16 years of my life. In all these years I have used a multitude of products – good ones and those made by the leading companies of the world. While there are quite a few from which I got real pleasure and value for money, there is one which is not only a cynosure of my eyes but also the one which has been made by the best company of the world. It is the iPod touch made by Apple. I have my experience to share with you to justify my conclusion and which will also drive my point home.

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Chrome FastBall For Chrome and Flash Users

Google has updated Google Chrome to 5.0.375.86 and now it comes with Adobe Flash. The integrated flash player has been enabled by default and five security issues have been resolved. The shipment of the plug-in with the browser would help users stay up to date with the plug-in and also protect their computers against viruses and worms which the plug-in often faces.

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iUltimate – The Great White Shark Strategy of Apple

Having tasted the iPod, iPhone, iMac and the iPad, Apple fans are now watching with bated breath as to what would be Apple’s next dream product. Professors in Universities are quoting Apple and Steve Jobs in their classes as the new success story. Strategists are wracking their brains as to what would come out next from the stable of the Apple Corporation.

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My iPad Story [PICS]

Today I got my iPad and my iPad story is kinda unique. Firstly, we arrived at Zurich and went straight to the hotel. The next day we went to catch our very first train in Switzerland and we headed right to the Zurich Main Station in search of the most magical and revolutionary device.

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Google Docs Viewer On Android, iPhone and iPad

Google Docs Viewer

Google has updated Google Docs on mobile platforms and it is now compatible with Google Docs viewer. Last week, Google announced Google Docs Viewer which lets you preview .doc and .docx files right in your browser. Today, it has been made compatible with Google Docs Mobile and you could even view PDF’s, doc, docx and PowerPoint presentations without needing to download it to your device.

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1.7 Million iPhone 4 Sold in Three Days

iPhone 4

On June 24, Apple’s next generation iPhone hit the stores and was a huge success. People stormed into Apple Stores all over US, France, UK, Germany and Japan. People were dying to get their hands on the device and stood in line for hours to get the feel of the phone. 600,000 people pre-ordered the device from Apple’s website and were eager to get it.

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