Apple Updates Apps For iPad

Apple had put up a page which featured a few Apps which were unique on the iPad. Apple has updated the page and has added some new apps like Zillow, Glee and Things.

Along with the Apps, Apple has even put up a HD video demonstrating the App. The new Apps include – Alphabet Fun, Glee, Zillow and Things for iPad. These Apps completely change the way we interact with the iPad and Apple found it worth featuring them.

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Google and Collaborate To Make The Web Faster


Google’s Make The Web Faster project has been getting recognition lately and has partnered with Google to help make the web faster. Google with this project wants to make the web as fast as turning the pages of a magazine. It encourages power users to be a part of the program and try out new experiments such as Google PageSpeed and YahooYSlow.

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Gmail For iPad Gets Updated

A few months back, the Gmail Team gave Gmail a complete new look on touch screen devices including the iPad. Today, they have updated the compose window and now it seems more like the native mail app on the iPad. For now, the update would be available only in the US.

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