Bollywood Music App Saavn Updated To 3.0, Completely Revamped

saavnBollywood music App Saavn has come up with its new 3.0.1 update for iOS. Saavn is an excellent music App with not only unlimited Bollywood music, but also Regional and English music as well. With Saavn’s free version you can listen to songs, create and save your own playlists, listen to their created playlists and even enjoy Radio as per your mood. Read More

Microsoft Pays Apple 30% For Office 365 Sold On iPad


In a report by re/code, it has been confirmed that Microsoft pays Apple 30% of the revenue it generates from subscriptions on its newly released Microsoft Office Apps on the iPad. Read More

Microsoft Office: Now Available On iPad

OfficeAfter several years of waiting, Microsoft finally made a move that is strategically right for the company. Today, at an event in San Francisco, Microsoft announced the arrival of Microsoft Office for iPad. Word, PowerPoint and Excel will be available for the iPad on the App Store starting 2PM ET. Read More

How To: Easily Stream Audio Only Using AirPlay

screenshot_1034It’s very convenient to stream your Mac’s laptop screen to a nearby TV using Apple’s Airplay. Totally simple and quite efficient. However, there is one problem to it. You can easily stream your screen but you can not stream your audio without the display showing up on your TV. Read More

Apple Sells 500 Millionth iPhone


It has been almost 7 years since the first ever iPhone made its way into the hands of customers in 2007. Today, Apple has sold their 500 millionth iPhone, according to a report by Forbes. Read More

Apple Offering Refund For In-App Purchases Made By Minors

ipadkidsHave you ever been a victim of in-app purchases made by your child? Then here’s a good news for you. Apple is sending out emails to some iTunes account holders informing them that they are liable for a refund if the purchase was made by a minor. Apple has been constantly trying to avoid the troubles happening to account holders due to in-app purchases made by minors. Kids based App developers are also taking this seriously and are implementing additional security measures to make sure kids don’t accidentally purchase items. Read More

Creating Nested Folders In iOS 7.1

Some users prefer to keep their device tidy and organized. Creating folders and nested folders help us to organize our Apps by adding them to folders that has similar Apps, or in fact keeping them in the way we want them to. Creating folders for Apps is an official solution from Apple for its users, but fortunately a bug was discovered to further create nested folders inside folders. There is no guarantee that it’ll survive the next update, but for now it offers a good way to keep our Apps organized. Read More

VAT On Digital Downloads In UK – Price Of Apps And Content Could Rise by 20%

appstoreThere is currently a tax loophole that allows users in the United Kingdom to download and use music, Apps, and books without complying to their Value Added Tax (VAT) policy, and instead adhering to significantly lower International tax policies. Read More

AT&T and T-Mobile To Begin Pre-Orders Of Samsung S5

Galaxy S5

From today AT&T has begun the pre-orders of the soon to be launched Samsung S5 on its website and stores. The phone will cost $200 with a two-year service contract or $650 without a contract. T-Mobile will begin the pre-orders of Samsung S5 on Monday, 24th March and will charge $660 under its installment plan (i.e. $0 down payment + $27.50 X 24 months). Read More