87% Of Apple iOS Users Are On iOS 7

App Store Stats

Ahead of WWDC in June, where Apple plans to talk about the upcoming iOS 8, Apple reported on its developer site that 87% of its iPhone and iPad users are on iOS 7, 11% on iOS 6 and remaining 2% on older versions. iOS 7 was released in mid September with the launch of two new phones, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Read More

Google Shifts Google I/O Registration Date


Google has shifted the dates for registration to Google I/O, instead of having registrations open from April 8 to April 10, now developers can register from April 15 to April 18. As shared by Google I/O on their Google Plus page the reason for the delay is because they are trying to make the process easier. Read More

iPhone Trade-In Program Launched In Germany

iPhone Trade-In

After launching its trade-in programs in US, Britain and Canada, Apple has now launched its trade-in program in Germany. With this trade-in program, Apple iPhone users can exchange their old handsets with a gift card that can be redeemed when buying a new iPhone. The model, quality and life of iPhone decides the amount of money that gets credited to the card of the iPhone seller. iPhone customers can earn up to $315 with this program. Read More

Melody Pro – A Powerful Music Notation App (Review)

melodyproMelody Pro allows you to create unique and original music and also construct music sheets. Developed by Nextep Applications, Melody Pro features useful and dynamic tools which make it definitely a useful App for hardcore musicians. Melody Pro features ways to create a music sheet. One method is to drag and drop notes onto a blank sheet music paper. Melody Pro contains a choice of treble and bass clefs and variety of notes from whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eight notes and sixteenth notes to include from. The other method is to play a virtual piano keyboard that spontaneously notates the music along with its value on screen. Read More

TAB IT for iOS – Keep Track When Money Exchanges Hands

tabitTAB IT, developed by 500PERMEAL, is a neat application that not only keeps track of money IOU (I Owe You) but verify every amount you owe and that you’ve lent to somebody. Not only this but TAB IT prevents any arguments between you and your friends and keeps a record of your debt so you don’t need to stress yourself. Read More

First Apple Store In Turkey Opens

Apple Store Turkey

Apple’s first retail store is now open for the public in Istanbul at the Zorlu Centre, a centrally located multi-use space having a high end mall, hotel, office, residential and performing art center. The Apple Store has the latest subterranean construction as few other Apple flagship stores with four gigantic glass walls between a shallow pond made of black stones. The roof is white with a big Apple logo on top. The outlet has a showroom floor, special event area and dual genius bars all in 21,500 square feet space. Read More

Steve Jobs 2011 Emails Reveal Apple Strategy


The disclosure of the “Top 100” email conversation between Steve Jobs and his top executives shows the agenda, vision Apple had for 2011 and the future plans for his products and services. The mail was produced to convince the court that Apple was in competition with Google, and not Samsung and hence it should not be held liable for patent violations. Read More

gDecide for iOS: Get Help In Making Decisions

gDecide IcongDecide is a neat application that allows you to quickly ask your relatives, friends and co-workers questions to which they can reply with their opinion. With gDecide, you can post queries that you need a decisive answers for, and filter who can see what you post on specific matters. Read More

WWDC – June 2 To June 6, Apply Now For Lottery Based Tickets

wwdcWWDC 2014 is scheduled from 2nd June to 6th June at Moscone West, San Francisco. It’s an opportunity for five thousand developers to interact with one thousand Apple Engineers over 100 technical sessions over a wide range of topics for developing, deploying and integrating the latest iOS and OS X technologies. It will also have over hundred hands-on lab for developers to fine tune their Apps and integrate with new technologies. Besides giving an opportunity to developers to see the latest innovations, features and capabilities of iOS and OS X this will also give an opportunity for them to interact with fellow developers from around the world. There will also be Apple Design Awards to showcase the best Apps from the past year. Read More

Edit Videos On Android With KineMaster (Review)

kinemasterKineMaster for Android, developed by NexStreaming Corp, provides you with the ability to edit your videos quickly and effectively. KineMaster is filled with efficient video editing tools that make your video editing experience a whole lot better. Read More