Apple To Sell Macs Built With Its Own Processor In 2021

In its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), held virtually on June 22, Apple announced new features rolling out for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. One of the key highlights of the conference was the announcement of a major change to Apple’s Mac Computers in 14 years. Earlier in this year, Apple’s effort to move away from Intel was reported by Bloomberg. Apple made the hardware transition official on Monday by announcing a shift from Intel processors to its custom-designed chips for future Mac computers which will be based on ARM-powered silicons that are used in smartphones and tablets, including iPhone and iPad. Read More

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Apple Makes Changes In Its App Store Guidelines For Easing Tension Among Developers

In a press release on Monday, Apple announced two major alterations to its App Store rules. Firstly, Developers will not only be able to appeal the rejection of an App that violates a given guideline of the App Store Review Guidelines, but will also have a procedure to challenge the guideline that led to the rejection. Secondly, there won’t be a delay in App updates and bug fixes over App Store disputes except for those related to legal issues. The changes were made in the wake of criticism received by Apple over software developer Basecamp’s ‘Hey’, an E-mail App which was initially approved by Apple but then repeatedly rejected as it violated App Store guidelines requiring in-app purchases, thereby harming Apple’s subscription revenue.  Read More

Apple’s CarKey – Control Your Car With Your iPhone

Tie-up between the German carmaker, BMW and the tech giant, Apple, brings virtual car key. Apple announced Apple CarKey as one of the features of iOS 14.0, which is scheduled for launch in the coming months. An update of iOS 13 will also support the feature a little later. BMW will market the same as the BMW Digital Key in its vehicles. Initially, only the recently face-lifted BMW 5 Series will support this feature and then subsequently other models. Apple is working on getting other manufacturers onboard as well to support the feature in the upcoming year. Read More

Android 11 Gets 62 New Emojis

The latest Android 11 Beta includes support for 62 new emojis, the number goes up to 117 emojis along with variations. Interestingly, this is the first official announcement made by Google in the context of the new upcoming operating system. The Consortium responsible for maintaining the global standard for emoji, had released the Unicode emoji 13.0 list earlier in the month of January. Read More

Study On Your iPhone With These Incredible Apps

iPhones are great tools, and you can achieve quite a lot with them. Recording Grammy-nominated albums, film entertaining videos, edit footage on an almost professional level, retouch and enhance the quality of your photos, perform office tasks, including creating presentations and documents, holding conference calls, among many other things.

Although the iPhone is so capable and versatile, there is one thing Apple users obviously prefer to do more than anything else, which is learning new things. The number of educational apps on the App Store in staggering, and it towers over other categories found on the platform. As of the first quarter of 2020, the total amount of iPhone applications available to users is inching closer and closer to 2 million. Read More

The AR Camera Of Snapchat Lets Users Identify Dog Breeds And Plant Species

Did you ever come across a pup so adorable or a plant so fascinating that you had to know what it was? Say no more! Snap has integrated new Scan partners, Dog Scanner and PlantSnap into Snapchat, enabling users to identify plant and trees species, dog breeds, and nutritional facts about packaged food. When users “hold” on the camera screen, lenses are unlocked based on what they see in front of them. Snap claims that PlantSnap can identify 90% of all known plants and trees, and Dog Scanner recognizes almost 400 dog breeds. Read More

Facebook Gaming Stopped From Arriving On The App Store By Apple

Facebook’s application for launching its Gaming App on the iOS App Store has been rejected for the fifth time, according to a report by The New York Times.

Facebook has been repeatedly been denied permission to arrive on the App Store since February as it can jeopardize the Gaming Service – Apple Arcade. Facebook announced its Gaming App back in April amid the COVID-19 lock-down restrictions. The App which is available on Google Play Store, lets the users play simple HTML5 games and watch live-streams of other players. Read More

Top 5 Alternatives To Amazon Prime Video In India

Amazon-PrimeIt’s a tough time for everyone. Now, more than ever, keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic situation, everyone is looking for a way to entertain themselves. Hands-down, the most popular source of entertainment, is binge-watching web series.  Watching movies and web-series is keeping us glued to our seats and helping us pass time.

If you are someone who uses Amazon Prime, you will know exactly what they have got to offer. But, what to do if you run out of options on Amazon Prime? Is there any alternative to it? If this is a lingering question in your mind, then there is some good news for you. TheAppleGoogle has come up with Top 5 Alternatives To Amazon Prime Video in India, which will help you explore the entertainment world to its depth with the variety of options available. Read More

WatchGit App Will Now Let Users Access GitHub From Apple Watch

WatchGit-GitHub -Apple- WatchAccording to latest news, A quite well-known development platform GitHub offers an application for the iPhone and iPad that permits clients to oversee code from anyplace. In any case, if you’ve missed the similarity with a particular Apple gadget, you no longer need to stress over it. WatchGit is a brand new Third-Party App for GitHub that lets users access the platform the comfort of your wrist with the Apple Watch. Read More

Apple’s Mac Pro Gets A New High-End GPU

Mac-ProAs guaranteed, Apple has refreshed the Mac Components area of its online store with four SSD Kits for Mac Pro. The SSD Kits, which have been configured in pairs and are accessible in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 8TB assortments. The starting price is quoted at $600 for the 1TB redesign, while the 8TB overhaul will hamper you $2800. Clients choosing to buy these modules should supplant existing modules in the Mac Pro with the overhauled pair. Since the SSD is attached to the Apple T2 Security Chip, it’s not simply a fitting and play technique. Clients will require access to a subsequent Mac running Apple Configurator 2 alongside a USB-C link to finish the update. Read More