EU Anti Trust or just Extra United (EU) Plain Jealousy?

The opening of the probe by the European Union on enquiries made by three European Internet companies against Google has many undertones.

Firstly, this development tests the level of maturity of Google in taking scathing criticism positively. By covering this negative event in its blog posting, Google has proved that it would like to bring unpleasant news in the open rather than hide it. This is a sign of the confidence of the organization in handling the “resistance posts” squarely and in a transparent manner.

Secondly, it is only when personalities become important and organizations become successful that they attract the attention and jealousy of others. For Google, this is just the case. And it should be prepared for even more as with the passage of time the number of challenges from the environment in form of cases against it through the use of international dispute mechanisms, is only expected to increase.

Thirdly, those companies who have filed their complaints must be prepared to go up to the last mile themselves and stand to public scrutiny themselves. It would have been better if they could have concentrated their efforts in beating competition by way of enhancing their technological edge rather than pursuing litigation.

Predictions Galore – iPod Touch 4G

This is another post on a continuous series by TheAppleGoogle – Predictions Galore. This time we take up the hottest and coolest available PMP , the Apple iPod Touch . iPod Touch 4G must have these features :-

1. Higher Capacity – If Apple could offer a 160GB worth of space on the iPod Touch, it couldn’t get better.

2. Larger Screen – Currenlty the iPod Touch sports a 3.5 inch screen. A 4.3inch would be cool for a PMP.

3. Customizable – Changing icons, Applying themes, Having different sounds for notifications and changing the home screen background must be a feature available on the iPod Touch 4G.

4. Completely Voice enabled – Like the Nexus One, the iPod Touch 4G too must have voice input wherever text input is available.

5. Camera – A 3.2 MP camera could be awesome for a beginning.

6. Better earphones ( in-ear earphones) – Apple already released their in-ear headphones and they are likely to ship it with the new iPod Touch.

7. Scratch Resistant Back

Google kills IE6 in a few days

Google has announced that it is going to stop supporting Microsoft’s browser Internet Explorer version 6.0. It says that the browser is slow and buggy which could pose a threat to the internet.

Killing IE6 implies that Google would stop supporting their services such as YouTube and Google Docs on the browser. Nearly everyone in today’s world use these Google services and they are an essential part of their internet experience. By not being able to use these services, IE6 users would have no choice but to switch their browser or upgrade their version of Internet Explorer. YouTube would do this by 13th of March. Users could watch videos on the browser but new features won’t work. Google Docs and Google sites hosting services would stop on 1st March, 2010.

Google has taken a stand to remove the browser as it even was involved in the recent China attack. Much of the measured IE 6 usage originates in China. According to NetApplications, IE 6 is still used by 20% of the surfers worldwide.

Google Chromium OS Flow

Hexxeh is a developer who keeps on uploading diffferent versions of Chromium OS for use. The latest edition being Flow.

Flow promises to be the most exciting version yet with better hardware support, auto update , webcam support and an improved application menu & directory. Prior to this Hexxeh released Google Chromium OS Zero which was super fast. His downloads are trustworthy and usually do work.

The file size is 327 MB . To try your hand on this version Click Here

Italian court convicts Google executives

An Italian court convicted three Google executives for not responding quickly enough to remove an online video that showed sadistic teenage bullies pummeling and mocking an autistic boy.

The judge sentenced the three in absentia to a six month suspended sentence and absolved them of defamation charges.

Google called this decision ” astonishing” . ” We will appeal this astonishing decision! We are deeply troubled by the decision. It attacks the principles of freedom on which the internet was built” said a Google’s spokesman .

The verdict could help define whether the internet in Italy and perhaps beyond is an open, self regulating platform or if content must be better monitored for abusive material.

Top 5 Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome finally has the ability of adding extensions which brought joy to a lot of users. We lay down the top 5 extensions which enhance Chrome and make it fun to use.

1. Chromed Bird – Chromed Bird is an awesome Twitter extension for Google Chrome with lots of features. You could compose a new tweet, check out tweets from your friends, create short URL’s, Notify user whenever new tweets arrive and lots more , all without even going to

2. Feedly – Feedly is the best Chrome extension so far. It is even available for Firefox . Feedly is a magazine like startpage for reading your feeds.

3. Wikipedia – Access Wikipedia in a drop down box.

4. Dropbox – DropBox as we all know is the easiest way to store, sync, and, share files online. Now, there is even a chrome extension for it. With the extension, you could view your upload, manage them and even download them to your computer.

5. SimpleNotes – This is as simple as the name sounds. It is a note taking extension whereby you could just quickly take a note without opening NotePad or stuff.

Google updates iPhone App

Google updated it’s iPhone app yesterday.

Some of the fixes and improvements are :-

1. Added support for search by voice for iPod touch .
2. Improved stability when using voice on restricted networks.
3. Fix crashes when searching for @.
4. Fix crashes when pasting in search box.
5. Improvements for using voice search on iPod touch .