Apple uploads iPad Guided Tours

Apple has recently uploaded a few iPad Guided Tours. You could enjoy a guided tour of all the iPad features including Mail, Photos, iPod, iBooks etc.Out of all working with iBooks looks pretty awesome and the elegant screen makes watching videos so much better. In total there are 11 guided tours which Apple has put up.

A new “Guided Tours” tab has been added to the iPad Navigation Section and the videos give the user a great perspective of the iPad which he/she was unable to get from the Keynote. Digg deep into every iPad feature and decide whether to get one or not.

iTunes Update brings iPad Support

Apple released iTunes version 9.1 yesterday which brings in iPad compatibility and support for iBooks. This update enhances iTunes, provides new features and fixes some issues.

Now iTunes is compatible with your forthcoming iPad and supports iBooks.The applications bar which was earlier termed as “Applications” was renamed to “Apps”. It even gives users the ability to rearrange, remove or rename Genius mixes. Seven vulnerabilities in iTunes were patched by this update.

Major features include:

• Sync with iPad to enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV shows, books and more on the go
• Organize and sync books you’ve downloaded from iBooks on iPad or added to your iTunes library
• Rename, rearrange, or remove Genius Mixes.

Though the update makes iTunes better but it still feels as the same old bloated music management software.

Update :

1. A new “Books” bar has been added which could be viewed while navigating your iPod     touch/iPhone.It could be used to sync audiobooks.

2. An option of converting higher bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC is now available.

Snow Leopard Updated to 10.6.3

Apple released a new update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard which brings it to version 10.6.3. Though there aren’t any great features but there are a lot of fixes and an update is recommended. It addresses various security issues and includes a lot of patches and fixes.

Some of the important fixes are:

  • a color issue in iMovie with HD content.

  • printing reliability

  • the reliability of certain third-party USB devices.

  • an issue in which the microphone level in iChat may not increase the volume after reducing it to prevent a feedback event.

  • an issue that could cause Mail to delete mailboxes on a Microsoft Exchange server that is hosted behind an Internet load balancer.

The file is 784MB in size and a list of all the fixes can be found here.

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The Ultimate Intoxicant – iPad

Gadgets are like drugs – you can’t resist them. When a new one comes to the market which is going to blow you sky high, you gonna be ready for it. The unparalleled intoxicant like never before , the iPad is coming in for gadget-pushers. Get your itching fingertips ready and allow large volumes of drool over the new iPad.

Encore to Steve Jobs and a grand welcome to the iPad into this world on its birthday.

Well, get ready put on your best clothes, get a cake and some candles and welcome the iPad to your home on April 3. Celebrate that day because on that day you will get your new iPad. Just in case you forgot, Apple is now reminding all those who have pre-ordered their iPads by email that the tablet PC has been shipped and will arrive at your doorstep on April 3.

Get the best tuxedo in town to put your iPad in and show it off to all your friends and brag about it a bit. In-case you need a big pocket, don’t forget to take a look at the iGotaBigAssPocket Concept. Tune your PC/Mac and order them to behave in a nice manner with your iPad. Sync all your content including music, videos, HD movies and browse the web like never before. Also don’t forget to drive thru TheAppleGoogle with your new iPad. Do tell us how it feels like.

For those who haven’t pre-ordered the much anticipated device, they can buy it from an Apple Store or from any Best Buy starting from 9.00AM on Saturday.

Top 5 Gmail Labs Features

1. Google Docs gadget – It previews Google Docs below the chat box. It shows the top five last edited docs.You could click on a doc and it will pop it up in a new window . Built right into your inbox it keeps you up to date with Google Docs. In-case you have created a form and are asking people to fill it but on a single day you forget to check docs, the inbuilt preview would remind you of it.

2.Back to Beta – Adds the super popular BETA tag back to Gmail. We all know how famous Google is for it’s BETA tags. If you loved to be greeted by the familiar BETA text in silver, then just enable this. According to the author, it soothes your soul.Yes it does!

3.Green Robot – It shows how many of your friends are chatting with their android phones and how many are up from their computers. If they are using their Android phone for chatting then their status icon would be the android green robot . This could help you chat more precisely . For example, if you see that your friend is up from his android phone, you could send him shorter messages so that he could cope up with you. This does a pretty good job but sadly their isn’t one for the iPhone. When launched this lab feature was not helpful because hardly people owned an Android phone. But with the Nexus One hitting the roads, this must be enabled.

4.Undo Send – One of the most advanced labs feature yet. If you wanted to send an email to your friend named John but instead sent it to your boss also named John, then only this could help you. You could undo your sent emails. After hitting the send box this lab feature waits for 5-10 secs and if you want you could undo the sent message. I experimented with it a bit and sent obscure messages to my alternate email addresses, before five seconds I hit the undo button and none of my other emails had those mails.

5. Picasa previews in Mail – Preview your Picasa pictures in your mail. You could preview the photos in your mail whenever you receive an email with a Picasa link.

If This Happened Between AppleGoogle Over Coffee

Jobbs – Hey Erik, Apple is planning to remove Google and make bing as the default search engine for Safari.

Erik –  Really?

Jobbs – We even plan to have iAd. You took admob from us and this time we aren’t going to give up. Apple is slowly going to enter your market and dominate it.

Erik – Well, you could never get ahead of us in search.

Jobbs – Yeah, but our products would eliminate Google which would have a huge impact on you.

Erik – Do you think that you are gonna keep throwing things at us and we are just gonna accept it? Well, guess what we even put multitouch on the Nexus One and we have already entered your market. What are you gonna do? Sue us? Cmon do that… Why did u sue HTC? Are u scared of getting into a real fight? At the end of the day we made the Nexus One!

And did u call our Motto as BS ? U know what you don’t even think differently.

Jobbs – Screw you, your coffee was poisoned.

Erik – Really? Even yours was.

What do you think really happened? Post your comments !

Things Crossing the Minds of People : Leadership at Apple & Google

Apple and Google are two of world’s greatest and the most innovative organizations. They have set a benchmark for others to emulate. Their leaders are icons and demigods of the world today. They inspire other organizations and also individuals who would like to shape their destiny on the lines of these role models.

However, success brings appreciation and a host of critics too. We have a pulse on what people are thinking and we would like to allow you a peep into the minds of those who applaud and critique as well. The reflections for the leaders of both the organizations are as follows:-

Steve Jobs of Apple

  • Steve is a founder and will have to struggle with his emotions in taking the right decisions.

  • For the launch of all its products, Steve Jobs hogs the limelight and projects a larger than life figure by making the presentation himself.

  • Steve is now at a two forked crossing of humility and arrogance. By allowing Walter Issacson to write a biography on him, he seems to be using yet making one more route of projecting himself, which is perhaps indicative of his taking a path which will lead him away from humility.

  • Steve is an innovator and a great designer and Apple has benefitted from his capabilities. However, he needs to allow the diversity of ideas to flow to see if Apple needs to move into different areas of its core competence.

  • Apple has affected a huge payout to Tim Cook for doing a job which he in any case was supposed to do.

  • Steve is the founder himself and all that he has to do is to keep the Board happy.

  • All said and done, Steve has shown resilience to regain his organization which had ousted him out earlier and now has taken it to the position of glory by creating unparalleled world class products.

Eric Schmidt of Google

  • Eric is a professional and he is required to take decisions on professional grounds.

  • When Nexus One was released, it was his employees who made the presentation at the Android Press Event. By doing so, the CEO is allowing the credit to flow where it is due.

  • Eric has maintained a low profile, putting his company before himself.

  • Eric runs his organization and has challenged Apple in its core area of strength by launching the Nexus One. It has moved beyond search to telephony.

  • The founders of Google and Eric have relinquished their salaries in making their organization stronger and have accepted only $1 as their payment at a particular point of time. Investors would repose a higher level of confidence in them.

  • Eric has a difficult job of not only maintaining good relations with the Board but also in keeping the founders of Google happy. He may thus loose the focus.

On an overall basis, the world is in awe with Steve Jobs and for reasons so well known to all. The world’s best marketers would give him a standing ovation, scientists would applaud his quest for new ideas converted into products and entrepreneurs bow down in respect. For the man who could do so much in such a short time, words will fall short to appreciate his contributions at any point of time. The chorus that all would hear is “Good Job done, Steve”.

For Eric too, the world is at his feet. With 3/4th of the world being followers of Google, Eric is just like another name to God.

Just imagine what could happen if Steve and Schmidt came in together and joined hands!

Shouldn’t the iPad have a USB Slot?

USB slots these days are used for just about everything whether you want to connect your iPod with your laptop or transfer pictures from your camera or even for transfering important data from your external hard drive to your computer.

With the USB speeds getting better with each passing day, they have become a necessity and even netbooks do have atleast two slots. Well, according to Apple, the iPad is a netbook and a link between the MacBook and iPhone. How could you even imagine a netbook without a USB slot – not even a single one?

When the iPhone was launched everyone was astonished by the power of the device and even more surprised by the functionality of apps. The success of the iPad will surely be apps but this time accessories seem to be dominating it. Apple does offer you a camera connection kit by which you could transfer pictures from your camera to the iPad but what about data and syncing your iPod? The OS is not even compatible for these things.

You could transfer data by BlueTooth but due to the restrictions imposed by Apple you cannot use it to transfer files via other phones such as those operating on Windows Mobile. Transfer of data is only possible with other iPhones and iPod Touches. A lot of devices don’t even have inbuilt Bluetooth. USB slots are even used to connect High Speed Data Cards ( Mobile Broadband) . This could have been another means of connecting to the internet . So then you could have WiFi + 3G + High Speed Intenet via those data cards.

USB 3.0 is being implemented on almost all new devices. I truly understand that the iPad is a content consumption and a content creation device and not a replacement for a laptop but a USB would have spiced things up a bit. There are quite a few apps which allow file exploration on the iPhone and iPod Touch. They could be used for transfers using an external drive. Or even if Apple could come up with an accessory which could be connected to the dock connector port and would have a USB port on another end (just as the camera connector).

Think about it. Post in your views in the comments!

Digg iPhone App Review

Digg launched its official app for the iPhone yesterday. The app is not bloated and is simple, has a good interface and is easy to use. The app displays all top dugg articles from all categories on its first page . There are three sub menus to choose from including Top, Recent and Upcoming. Then you could browse through articles by categories/topics . Choosing a topic would result in the articles from that topic.

You could tap on an article to read it and then digg it if you like it. There is a thumbs up, digg, thumbs down icon below the article. you could tap on Digg to digg the article. After tapping on Digg you would be redirected to the Login screen which is similar to that of the desktop log in screen. The log in screen is quite slow and buggy. After logging in you digg that article.

Digging and Commenting an article is not a pain. Click on the comment icon to view all comments and to comment . If you run of time you could save the article and read it later. Saved articles can be viewed by tapping the Saved Results icon on the below bar. You could search for related articles or type in a query and digg would put up some articles related to your query.

The app has an inbuilt browser which redirects you to the source of the articles. It does not have the option of “Show Text Only” which makes it difficult to read an article . Apart from digging an article you could share it on Facebook, Twitter or by Mail.

The app is FREE( of-course ) and is compatible with iPhone OS 3.1 . These were some of the good things, now let us turn to the bad part.The app is not complete and lacks in many features. If you are a blogger, you cannot submit articles on Digg using this app. You could just Digg already submitted articles. The app even crashes a lot.Sometimes the page simply fails to road. If you are on iPhone OS 3.1.2, then the app could be a nightmare. It is quite slow and buggy.

Do post in your reviews about the app in the comments and speaking of Digg don’t forget to Digg our articles!

Top 5 iPad Themes for iPhone

As soon as the iPad was released the jailbreaking community started to emulate it. A lot of users have released themes of the iPad for jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch.

As almost all have the same name, I am going to pull out 5 of them along with the authors name which would make it easier for you to choose and download the particular one. Many of them were also buggy and were not iPad themes, so do make the right choice. To download them you need to go to Cydia and then type iPad in the Search Bar.

1. Simple iPad Theme – Developed by rorypiper. This iPad theme completely replicates the iPad and even shrinks the icons. It has the iPad Dock, Lock background and the Wallpaper. After installing it add as a source and then download Shrink from Cydia to shrink your icons.

2. dmmendels iPad Theme – Developed by Mendel Suissa. This also does the same thing but it is developed by a different author.

3. iPad Complete – Developed by Mani. A winterboard theme for the iPhone and iPod Touch .It fails to shrink the icons but that could be done via Shrink. It even does not display the percentage of battery remaining beside the battery icon on the status bar. You even have to activate Black Navigation Bar from Winterboard to get the complete experience of the theme.

4. iPad Dock Theme -Developed by joavst. If you are fascinated by the iPad dock itself and don’t want to change everything else then you could have this. It also sets the iPad default wallpaper as your lock screen background.Just gives you the feel of the dock. This dock theme fails to represent the proper iPad Dock so you must go for a complete theme.

5. iPad – Developed by Powertoola. This theme is for SpringBoard.