Happy Birthday Woz

Happy Birthday Woz! Today is Steve Wozniak’s 60th birthday and we are thrilled about it. Steve did so much for the industry and turned from a passionate computer geek to a cult icon. He invented the first personal computer and started Apple. To celebrate his birthday, Jonathan Mann came up with a song for him. The song is titled “That’s Woz” and is just incredible. You could find the song on YouTube or even purchase it from his site.

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Get CineXPlayer for iPad Now

This one is huge. Apple has surprisingly allowed an App that lets you watch Xvid movies on your iPad. The App is free for download from the App Store and is just incredible. You could now transfer all of those .avi movies directly to your iPad without spending hours converting them.

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Make an Audiobook out of MP3 Files


Do you have audiobooks which are in MP3 format and are in parts? Sometimes, you get such MP3 files and want to add them to your iPod but they behave as normal songs and don’t remember where you last left them. To use the MP3 files as an audiobook and to get the most out of the audiobook features of your iPod, here is a simple tool that is free of cost.

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