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Djay App Comes to the iPhone


Djay, a DJ application developed by Algoriddim has hit the iPhone App Store today. Djay has earlier been very successful on the Mac, and iPad, but this new much more portable version makes it even more fun. All features that are available in the iPad version are also available in the iPhone version, but the interface has been redesigned to accommodate many features.

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“Steve Jobs is Personally Responsible for Killing the Music Business” – Bon Jovi


Some people (including me) thank Steve Jobs and Apple every single day for inventing the iPod and also for saving and redefining the music industry. But there are also people like Bon Jovi who think that “Steve Jobs is personally responsible for killing the music business.”

In 2001, Apple introduced the iPod that didn’t just the change the way we listen to music, it changed the entire music industry. According to recent interview with The Sunday Times Magazine, Bon Jovi said the below about the leader of Apple and the person who has changed the world in so many ways for the better.

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31 Magnets Used in Smart Covers


For the very first time, the folks at iFixit have been so impressed by a cover that they have torn it down to give us details about its inside. Smart Cover for the iPad 2 was torn down by the team and the results are completely shocking. According to iFixit, Apple used over 31 magnets to design the Smart Cover, and only one magnet is used for the automatic sleep/wake functionality.

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iOS 4.3 iPod App Now Plays Well With Ping

Apple rolled out iOS 4.3 recently which adds many new features to your beloved iOS device. As discovered, the update also adds the support for Ping in the iPod App. If you use Apple’s social network for music – Ping, you can now use your native iPod App on your iOS device to rate and comment on the song you are listening to.

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Steve Jobs is the 34th Richest Person in the U.S, 110th Richest in the World


Forbes unveiled their list of the world’s billionaires yesterday. According to Forbes, Steve Jobs is the 34th richest man in the U.S and 110th richest in the world. Apple recently launched the iPad 2 which led to a rise in stock making Steve even more rich. For the past 11 years, Steve Jobs has been on Forbes’ list. Hopefully he does something good with that money (he already is).