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360 Web Browser for iOS Comes With Themes, Plugins, Firefox Sync, Download Manager, and More

360 Web Browser from Digital Poke is a revolutionary new web browser for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that includes Firefox Sync capabilities, better download management, and is extremely customizable. The browser also features an inbuilt music player that allows you to control the music playback on your iOS device. Read More

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eBay for iPhone Updated, Now You Can Search Other Countries

ebayeBay today pushed out an update for its iPhone App that takes it to version 2.1.1. Not many features are added to the App, but a simple yet helpful feature that allows you to search other countries for stuff using the App is now a part of the iPhone eBay experience. Canadian users will now be able to view the latest deals, and the thumbnail images have also been improved. Read More

Angry Birds iPad 2 Case Is On It’s Way

angrybirdsAngry Birds is so popular that ROVIO even plans to be on the New York Stock Exchange. Users of all age groups love to play the cross platform game in which you need to destroy the pigs.

GEAR4 plans to benefit from this growing, and has announced that it would be manufacturing three different cases for the iPad 2 that would feature the popular game. The three previews can be viewed on GEAR4’s website. The cases will just snap on to the iPad 2, and would give users access to all the ports of the device. There aren’t much details provided as of now, but we will notify you as the manufacturer announces further details. Read More

New iPhone TV Ad Series – If You Don’t Have an iPhone

Apple has just launched a new series of TV commercials that begin with the tagline “If you don’t have an iPhone”. At present, Apple has aired three commercials that mention the iPod App, iBooks App, and the in-built App Store. The commercials say that if you don’t have an iPhone, your phone does not have an iPod, something as good as iBooks to read book or even something close to the App Store with thousands of Apps designed specially for the iPhone.

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