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FIFA 11 Comes to iPad

fifa 11 ipad

FIFA 11 by EA Sports has been approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store. FIFA 11 sports HD graphics, authentic teams as well as players, and better and well-labelled controls. The App is available for $9.99 and is about 854 MB in size.

Interview With Kyle Lambert [DevDialogue]

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Painting genius and technology enthusiast Kyle Lambert has created paintings that have been marveled by the world. The iPad turned out to capable of matching his unique skills and he has painted artworks using his fingers that are jaw-dropping. In this DevDialogue, Kyle explains how he started painting on the iPad, the Apps he uses and his ultimate goal.

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Nexus S Now Available in the US

nexus s

Nexus S, the successor to the Nexus One and a pure Google phone is now available in the US. The phone will be available for sale through Best Buy and the Best Buy mobile store. The Nexus S can brought with a service plan for $199.99 with T-Mobile service or without a plan for $529.99.